Small Bedroom Decorations For Teen Boys

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For those who come looking to decorate a small room for teenage boys, we bring you various ideas that can help you get a functional bedroom where they can study, share with their friends and have a good space that helps them fall asleep and feel motivated.

A common problem in the bedroom, especially of a teenager is order, and this is intensified when space is minimal. Therefore, in addition to a good decoration, it is advisable to adapt furniture correctly that allows you to visualize an organized space with the naked eye.


For example, furniture or shelves with hidden doors clutter with ease. In order not to occupy and collapse the floor area, we can introduce hanging shelves or bookcases.


So too, multifunction furniture They are very useful to have everything you need in a small space. We see a bed with storage space and also a small desk that is hidden and displayed when necessary.


The Modular furniture They are also so versatile that they allow not only to include storage space in unexpected places, but they are decorated according to the tastes of each person with very attractive colors, handles and youthful designs, perhaps with higher sale prices but very useful.


In addition to achieving a functional environment, adolescent boys become increasingly demanding. If we seek to achieve a comfortable environment and look more spacious, the colors that we use can be very useful. In addition to improving your mood, they can functionally contribute to making you look more illuminated and spacious. For this reason, we see designs that include as the main tone, usually on the walls, the lighter ranges of the palette, especially neutral ones such as white, beige, cream, gray. So too, most used for a male bedroom they are blue, green, brown, for example, which go well as decorative accent in such a way that they do not absorb the natural light of the environment and it looks smaller. Generally in some objects such as bedding, cushions, carpet, the central wall and other accessories or even some furniture.


Additionally, locate the bed against the wall helps the bedroom look bigger. See more of the floor instead of it being divided in two as when it is placed in the center of the room. We can also gain storage space with drawers under the bed or with simple boxes or another object.


The high beds They are another option that we can consider to gain space to locate a desk to study, a closet or a sofa.


Try unify the furniture, especially in color and design, in this way we also contribute to making it look bigger and more pleasing to the naked eye.


A small rug in large patterns or in solid color for a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Paint or wallpaper with horizontal lines the narrower wall will help to perceive the adolescent’s bedroom wider.


The illumination A small bedroom is essential especially for them, where they spend time reading, studying or spending time. Therefore, in addition to natural light, including white line lights on the ceiling, a lamp that illuminates the bed area and on the desk, can help them concentrate on their tasks.

bedroom-teenager-man-decorated-6If the lack of space is a big problem, we can incorporate a very small room in the hall area of ​​the main bedroom as the design above, very well lit with only a bed, two shelves and a lamp.


Although black absorbs the natural light from the bedroom and feels smaller, this high-contrast design looks very well balanced. Various patterns, textures, and even a large mural is included as a focal point.

Here are two additional designs for your inspiration:

bedroom-teenager-man-decorated-12 bedroom-teenager-man-decorated-15These were some ideas that can help you decorate a teenage boy’s bedroom, if you have any additional ideas, tell us!

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