Small houses – Decoration tricks you should know

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Small houses - Decoration tricks you should know

Modern attic decoration

At little houses we can always get the most out of it. For this, nothing like putting into practice a series of decorating tricks. Because thanks to them, we will see with different eyes those corners of our home and in addition they will seem much wider than they really are.

Yes, the optical effects They can help us in small houses. Although without a doubt, we will also opt for functional furniture and a series of simple and economical steps so you can enjoy your home even if it has few square meters. Do you want to know how ?.

Beds with storage

Without a doubt, one of the great ideas for small houses comes from beds. Because the rooms will not have too many meters and you have to take advantage of it. As we all know, bunk beds will help us in the rooms for children or guests. But it is also the beds that have storage in the lower part, will be vital. Several drawers will be perfect to store bedding or basic clothes and other seasons, thus reducing the load of the cabinets.

Nest beds

The technique of minimalism

The simplicity that this technique gives off is always basic when it comes to thinking about a decoration for small houses. That is why we will look for simple furniture in lines without too many details. In addition to them, white colors and wood combine perfectly in a smaller environment. We do not need an ornate place, just the opposite. Few things but functional is the basis of any decoration that boasts.

Take advantage of the walls

As we do not want a place full of furniture, but we do need storage, what better to think about the walls. In all rooms there will be perfect options for decoration. We will put shelves or shelves as well as furniture anchored in the wall, as for example in the bathroom. The feeling that they are suspended will enlarge the stay. In the same way, we can also place a mirror that gives us amplitude and more light to make a wider effect.

minimalist decoration

Folding and multipurpose furniture

It is not always easy to find them, but it does not hurt to do everything possible to have them in our home. The best thing is to be able to have a folding bed, which we will use when guests arrive and we will close the rest of the days. So, so, do not take up space. In the same way it can happen with the tables of the kitchen or dining room. If you do not have much space you can choose some of the folding that are placed against the wall. If you want to always have a table in view, try a round instead of rectangular.

Glass furniture

Although we know they are very delicate, they are also other tricks for small houses. If we mentioned before the effect of the mirrors as well as the white color, now it is the turn of the transparent furniture or glass. Because they also bring that feeling of spaciousness, since they do not recharge the room as much as it does with other basic options that we all know.

Shelves for small houses

Take advantage of the corners of small houses

Again, the corners make us mention the walls again. In them we are given a new key that is none other than the use. Because they can give us a great originality, placing corner shelves that we can fill with books, details or plants. One of the great ideas that we must take into account, but always with caution. Since it can be a special idea for the stairs area or, for a room that does not have much more decoration by the walls. Since we do not want to recharge them, but simply take advantage of them. In the same way you can integrate them in the wall or, use a piece of furniture with that original shape.

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