Small kitchen – How to organize it with simple tricks

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Small kitchen - How to organize it with simple tricks

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If we think that one small kitchen It also has no opportunities, we are wrong. Because we only have to find those ideas that are consistent with it. So that we are all well organized, which is what we want to look for.

That is why today we present a series of organizational ideas. So you can see that your small kitchen has more potential than you thought. Practical and very simple ideas to carry out. From now on you will see how your kitchen becomes a different one.

Narrow and taller cupboards

It is not always easy to take advantage of a small kitchen, so we have to resort to certain techniques that allow us to play with all its corners. To do this, we are left with one of the best ideas that we will find. The cupboards or the furniture that you are going to place to elders, is always better that are narrow but tall. So that we can take advantage of all possible centimeters. To do this, those holes higher in them, we use them to place those utensils that we do not usually use too often. Always leaving the inferior ones for which we do use every day.

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Bars or shelves over the sink

About the sink is a good idea, but if you don't have space in this area, because you have a window, then you can always take advantage of another part of the wall. The good thing about it, is that we can place a bar or a simple shelf. On it the utensils that occupy more each time we keep them, such as skimmers or ladle and others. You can have them well organized in a place like the one mentioned.

Organizing the utensils

As we have mentioned, it is true that everything we use frequently such as pans or pots always have to be as close to the place where we cook. More than anything because that way we won't go around several times until we find them. While that section that works as pantry, it is better to place it near the refrigerator. Similarly, plates and glasses, we must also have them in the part near where we cook. Although it is true that when talking about a small kitchen, it is not that we have room for them to be too separate.

Also organize the countertop in your small kitchen

You may not have many meters of it, but for that reason, they should be well cleared. More than anything because we will see how it seems to expand visually. In addition, having a free zone will be much easier to work. Of course, you can always keep the odd decorative element. Some small plant or, baskets with fresh fruit. But the rest, and we know very well.

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Crystal cabinets

It is true that many choose decorate the kitchen with some cupboards or cupboards that carry the wooden doors. So they do not let the light in, nor see what is inside there. But on the other hand, it is also advisable to have occasional furniture that has crystals on its front. Since in this way the light will be more intense, it will reflect much better and the brightest area will be seen. As we well know when it comes to a small area it is always better for light to flow in a more intense way.

Glass jars

They are always practical, look where you look. Because as we talk about taking advantage of the space with shelves or shelves, in them we can also place large glass jars with legumes or other foods that need to be away from the cold. It is a decorative way of the most original while we continue to organize the kitchen, which never hurts.

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