Small office design – How to create a small study at home –

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Small office design - How to create a small study at home -

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Home offices are gaining popularity thanks to flexible work practices. But not all of us have a lot of space to use it as an office. That does not mean you can not create your small office. Today we show you some tips on designing small offices at home.

Design of small offices at home

Our small office design ideas at home are perfect for people with limited space and will help you get started. Use our guide on small office design at home to create your perfect studio.


Almost everyone has to take work home at some time. If you are not an office worker, you may need a place dedicated to this. Even children need an area equipped to do their homework. The home office can be a complete room, a corner or a removable shelf, that depends on you.

Small office design - How to create an office 'zone'


Turn an area of ​​your living room, guest bedroom or hallway into an office. In the market you can find desks of all sizes and styles, so it is not difficult to find discreet desk tables and chairs that match your room and your existing furniture.


Think of a multipurpose design

When space is tight, it is difficult (if not impossible) to dedicate a full room to a home office, so it is worth thinking about how you can create multiple uses for your space. For example you can install a desk in your bedroom or in the guest room since they are rooms where you do not enter and leave frequently. You can add a small desk and an elegant chair that is not annoying if you have guests who stay.

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Add shelves over the desk area, and invest in some corresponding storage files to keep your work materials organized and avoid any embarrassment should you have any surprise visits.

Choose a storage unit that you can place on the wall

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This is another great option for multifunctional spaces. Fill a wall with modular shelves including a desk. To make the space feel less utilitarian, keep office supplies in beautiful storage boxes and use the shelves to display your folders.

Although it is a home-based workplace, your office space is very important. Your environment should be functional and a place that makes you feel good. My desk is deliberately placed to face the window that faces my patio, since this view inspires me.


To achieve the look of your dream office, look for an office design that inspires you and use it as a template to create your space. Sometimes it's not a bad idea to forget the rules and design the space of your dreams.


A home office can be functional and inspiring at the same time. Many times the offices in the home are hidden because no one wants to show the mess he has created while working. The best thing is that there are functional desk tables that offer enough storage space and the best thing you can do is to opt for one. In any office, materials, paperwork and project files can easily accumulate and make the space look messy. The organization of these components can polish a workspace.


Color affects people in different ways so do not forget to think about this when choosing the place and the furniture for your small studio. Find what inspires and energizes your work. In case of doubt, simplicity always wins.

The perfect office space includes a large number of work surfaces, well-organized storage and well-lit areas.

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