Small washbasins – Ideas not to give up style in the bathroom

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Small washbasins - Ideas not to give up style in the bathroom

original washbasins

The small toilets They no longer pose any problem. They tend to be attached to the smaller bathrooms, but we will not let for a few meters of anything, we are left without a good organization and decoration of our bathroom. Today we can combine them in different shapes and models.

Therefore, if you are thinking of decorating or giving a new look to this room in your home, do not miss everything that follows. Because this way you will understand that small toilets are also a good option. Comfort and good taste come together to complete the bathroom of your house. Do you want to discover them?

Overlapping small sinks

In this case we do not have a classic standing washbasin, but we give more life to an option as great as this. It is that the sink itself is placed on the part of the furniture. Hence we talk about being superimposed. So you can opt for a simple and small wooden furniture. On it, we will have the protagonist of today that you can choose both circularly and rectangularly. There are many options available to you, even in terms of finishes depending on whether you prefer a more current or more rustic style. Be that as it may, the sink itself will not take up just space.

Built-in washbasin

Suspended toilets to save space

Of course, if you don't want anything more than el sink itself, without furniture or pedestals, then this option will be yours. It will only be anchored in the wall and as we say, you can still make the room look wider, because you do not need any type of furniture around it. In addition, you can also choose a small size for your sink and ready. If you want more light, you can always opt for metal pieces, add some mirrors or glass as surfaces and you will have a brighter space. Above all, for those bathrooms that are small or have sufficient natural lighting.

Another option is the built-in furniture

It differs from the first idea we have given, because in it the sink stands out from the furniture. In this case, everything is integrated. There is no separation, and the surface of our furniture will be the sink. Again we find different options, both in sizes and colors or finishes. What is done more than essential to complete the bathroom decor. As we may not have much room, it is always better to choose a narrow cabinet, which has open shelves, which always gives greater breadth.

small toilets

Countertop as the sink on the side

He no longer has to be the great protagonist. It has always been seen in a central part of the bathroom and even the furniture he presided. But it is true that the decorating ideas They are changing and we are glad of it. Since this way we can attach them to all spaces. In this case, what we want is to show that the bathroom is more spacious. So we can opt for a countertop or a piece of furniture but have the wash towards a corner. We will take more advantage of the corners, and in general, the available space. In this way, we can take advantage to enjoy a piece of furniture that has several doors or drawers, where to store what is necessary.

wall-mounted washbasin

Rectangular and white washbasin

It is one of the most common and we know why. Since white is always one of those basic colors that bring luminosity and combine with everything. But in addition, if we choose one of the concrete size, suspended and with some wooden shelves Under it, we will have the great solution for a small bathroom. Light colors always help us create a more spacious and relaxed atmosphere. You can accompany these shelves with small boxes that make it easier for you to store your products.

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