Sofa stores, learn to furnish with your head

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Decor : Sofa stores, learn to furnish with your head

Sofas are the soul of any home, the place where you spend relaxing time, and they promote disconnection from daily problems. Whether alone, as a couple, with family or friends, it is the nerve center of every home, the space where you want to be. For this reason, your choice is not trivial at all but quite the opposite, one of the most important decisions when it comes to furnishing the home and ensuring that it offers a high degree of comfort and also personality.

The confinement kept the population locked in their homes for almost three months. In addition, with the arrival of the new normal, social relations have been severely limited by the restrictions imposed by the government, and by the citizens themselves for fear of contagion. The result has been a large number of hours at home that has caused people to realize their shortcomings and want to improve their homes. In this sense, sofas have been one of the main protagonists and furniture stores are experiencing a large increase in demand for these reasons.

Where to buy the sofa

Just a few decades ago, the options to buy a sofa were limited to neighborhood stores or nearby department stores, usually located in industrial estates.

The consumer valued the small sofa stores their personalized attention, the close treatment … The only drawbacks were the little variety in the catalog and the prices, somewhat higher than in larger companies.

In polygon warehouses, the buyer had the advantage of being able to choose from a large number of options that he found on display, at more competitive prices, the only drawback was an impersonal treatment.

Online stores, the new option, increasingly in demand, in the sofa sector

In recent years, the introduction of the digital age has meant that all types of businesses have adapted to the virtual world. The sofa shops They have not been an exception and, little by little, they have been overcoming the barriers represented by selling this type of item online. In addition, the health crisis caused by the covid pandemic has been a great boost for all of them.

spacious living room with sofas

The most prominent barrier that online sofa stores offer to the user is not being able to touch or try the furniture, but the unbeatable prices and the convenience that online shopping offers have won the battle against this small inconvenience.

Online furniture stores, by not having to hold large exhibition areas and lacking staff to do so, can greatly reduce the price of their products. Likewise, over time they have learned to deal with their weaknesses, providing fabric samples by mail, showing the furniture through video, etc.

However, there is a customer profile for each type of store, the important thing is that the buyer knows how to identify the quality of what they offer, their guarantees, real offers and suitability between what they need and what they offer. And all this is common to any of the named businesses, be it the sofa shops on-line, the neighborhood store or department stores.

Tips for buying a sofa online

When buying a sofa in an ecommerce you have to make sure you choose a professional store, which makes up for the disadvantage of not being able to physically see and test the furniture with a large amount of information. In addition to having a trusted distributor that offers good remote service, these are some of the aspects that must be assessed so as not to err in the final decision.

Sofa measurements, manufacturing materials and mechanisms

The dimensions of the sofa should clearly appear in the technical sheet so that the buyer can assess whether it fits in the place where they want to place it.

As for the manufacturing materials, these furniture are made of wood, metal alloys, new plastics, among others. The padding of the cushion is defined by the density of the material, if it has any special cover, as well as the different types of upholstery that offer low, medium or high levels of resistance.

Other aspects of the sofa that the buyer should know are if it has sliding seats, reclining backrest, elevating footrests … elements of its design that make these furniture multifunctional.

Request fabric samples

Some online sofa stores offer to send fabric samples to their customers so that they can touch it, physically see its appearance or do some checks, such as seeing if they repel water, release color, resist cleaning with chlorine or other abrasive products …

Current upholstery fabrics are designed with good qualities in mind, such as resistance to abrasion, tear, or color fastness to rubbing, light and humidity.

Payment methods and offers

This aspect is very important for the consumer, because in addition to good quality, they need convenient forms of payment that adapt to their pockets.

On the other hand, many online sofa sales websites, such as, offer offers or discounts for subscribing or making a first purchase. These stores are also good options that benefit the budget of users and should not be missed.

Opinions of other clients

Finally, a very valuable resource to check the satisfaction of customers who have already tried the services and products of a website are the opinions and reviews they leave. This is how they express how their experience was during the transaction, product evaluations, after-sales service …

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