Some of the Most Beautiful Charming Terraces

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Terraces and gardens are the spaces in the house that we enjoy the most when the warm time of year arrives.

Regardless of whether they are large or small, whether they are at the back of the house or on the roof, the terraces, well decorated, have a unique magic.

That’s why I want to show you some charming terraces that can inspire you to create, remodel or redecorate yours, with many creative ideas that will give it the necessary touch so that you, your family and your friends never want to leave.

The Discreet Charm of Wood

Wood is the noblest material that exists. It is durable, strong, elegant and warm. It can be present on floors, walls and furniture and it will never clash or overload environments.

In addition, wood combines perfectly with almost any other material with which you want to decorate your terrace. Whether rustic, polished, in beams, slats or pallets, wood will always be the perfect ally when designing charming terraces.

01 wood
02 wood
03 wood
04 wood
05 wood pallet
05-1 wood pallet

Monochrome and Minimalism

Two very fashionable trends today. Although it may seem simple, it is quite a challenge when decorating a terrace, since, by trying to simplify the setting too much, you run the risk of achieving a bland and too cold climate.

Here I show you some charming terraces, despite being very simple and stripped down.

06 minimalist
07 minimalist
08 minimalist
09 minimalist


In contrast to the sobriety of monochrome, these terraces full of life and color are presented, which will brighten up the cold days of autumn and winter and accompany the warmth of summer and spring.

10 colorful
11 colorful
12 colorful

Terraces at Night

A dinner or a sitting on the terrace will be much more cozy and intimate with the correct lighting. I insist: light is strategic and essential to achieve adequate energy for each environment and moment.

13 cozy
14 lighting 2
15 lighting 3

Comfort Above All

Beyond the materials, plants or lighting that you can use to decorate your charming terrace, the correct selection of furniture will also be of utmost importance.

So if your intention is to spend long hours of relaxation and relaxation, consider investing the money that is necessary in the purchase of comfortable and durable furniture.

Soft armchairs, hammocks, hanging beds, thick mattresses and many pillows, all in soft fabrics, but at the same time washable, will be key pieces for a comfortable and charming terrace.

16 furniture
17 furniture
18 furniture
19 furniture
20 furniture
21 furniture

Rocking chairs

Nothing more relaxing than swinging in a soft rocking chair while listening to the noise of the wind and the birds singing. I bet with one of these incredibly comfortable rocking chairs you will never want to leave it.

22 rocking chairs
23 rocking chairs

Charming apartments

The correct choice of the floor for your terrace will not only save you headaches in the future, but it can also be the touch of distinction that makes your space unique and unrepeatable.

With a beautiful and eye-catching floor, you won’t have to worry too much about the rest of the décor.

Choose some antique tiles, a beautiful pattern of ceramic tiles or even a rug made of weather-resistant natural fibers, and you will have the best decorated terrace of all.

24 floors
25 floors
26 floors
27 floors
28 floors

Space is not a problem

You don’t have to have a large area to have a nice terrace. On the contrary, it is easier to have small charming terraces, since they will be more cozy and intimate and will not need too many objects to decorate it.

Play with the colors of the walls and furniture, place soft and comfortable cushions and never forget your personal touch in any detail, vase, candle, ornament or plant.

29 small
30 small
31 small

Trees and plants

A terrace is not complete without greenery. Whether it’s small potted plants and shrubs, or the monolithic presence of a wise old tree, green foliage will not only provide shade and coolness on warm days, but will brighten up your deck all year round.

32 potted plants
33 potted plants
34 floors
35 floors

My favorites are bougainvillea, vines with impossible colors and very low maintenance; but I also lean towards the vineyards, which will slowly roof your terrace if you build a pergola or wooden beam ceiling.

36 bougainvillea plants
37 bougainvillea plants
38 vineyards
39 vineyards

Looking for the Shadow

But if you do not have enough patience to wait for the vines to filter the sun on your terrace, then opt for a nice pergola made of cane or rustic logs, or better yet, build a tent inside which they can share unique moments under any weather and at any time of the year.

40 pergolas
41 rustic log pergola
42 shop
43 shop
44 shop

Enjoy the privilege of having a terrace. Fix it, add your personal touch and sit back and enjoy your work every day.

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