Somfy, automations for all types of constructions

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Somfy, automations for all types of constructions

somfy automatisms

Elements such as solar protections that move according to the incidence of the sun or shutters that react to temperature variations have ceased to be science fiction and have become a reality to take into account in the design of buildings. Thanks to the automatisms we can transform the facade of a building into a bioclimatic element improving the environmental control of it, energy expenditure and user comfort.

Somfy is a multinational company, present in more than 45 countries and specialized in motorization of garage doors and automation as well as in the control of opening and closing of homes and commercial buildings. They also collaborate with the architects for the application of their systems and thus achieve improve the comfort conditions, energy consumption and safety of buildings. Some of the buildings in which the Somfy systems have been used are easily recognized and appreciated by all.

Swiss re tower automatisms

The Swiss RE tower (London, United Kingdom) by Norman Foster has a facade made with glass panels and has 2,400 venetian blinds inside with 50 mm slats all of them motorized achieving the maximum use of natural light and therefore reducing the energy consumption derived from artificial lighting.

Gugganheim automatisms

At Guggenheim museum (Bilbao, Spain) of Frank Gehry have installed a series of Horizontal and vertical curtains that allow to control natural light to accompany the visitor to the route and adapting the lighting of each room to the pieces exhibited there.

Il Sole 24 Gold

Il Sole 24 Gold (Milan, Italy) Renzo Piano is an office building in which they have been incorporated 1,100 motorized colored curtains that not only affect the visual aesthetics of the building but also improve the process of dynamic isolation of the same.

house containers automatisms

Beade architects they designed a house with maritime containers (Segovia, Spain) in which all the holes are protected from the sun by motorized roller shutters that allow to achieve a highly sustainable and energy efficient housing.

As you can see with the previous examples these systems are applicable to all types of buildings, from homes to large skyscrapers through museums and office buildings.

Do you dare to include them in your next design?

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