Sort the books – Discover the best useful tricks

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Decor : Sort the books – Discover the best useful tricks

Organize books

We all have in our house a large bookstore or several shelves with books of all kinds. Now that we are back to school, we have given ourselves to do a little cleaning and order the books. We want to have them all at hand and that they are perfectly organized, so today we are going to leave you with some tricks.

It is true that there is not a basic rule to be able to maintain their organization. Since each one can follow their own steps, but there is always some other that helps us a lot in our mission. Do you want to know what it is about? Don’t miss what’s next!

Empty, organize and classify

Three first steps to take and the sea of ​​simple. We start with completely emptying the shelf or bookcase. Since this way, we can also take advantage of it to clean it thoroughly and it is not a bad idea. Once ready, then we will organize all the books we have. We will give some of them more priority and others we will have to put aside, donate or some others that you will have to return and you had not even noticed. As we see, it is the first step of cleaning and it sure will take longer than expected. When you no longer need a book or perhaps you have it repeated, it is time to donate it as we have commented. It may be to the library or perhaps to someone you know who needs it more.

ideas for ordering books

Sort books by author

It is one of the most used ideas in these cases. Especially when we go to a library, since in addition to their gender, the author’s last name will be the one that reigns at the time of being classified. You can also do the same. According to first letter of your surnameThis is how each of the books you have under your belt will be ordered. What do we get out of this? Well, a great order that is what we are looking for and the power to have everything we need at our fingertips always. You can even mark it with small labels to know where each letter begins and ends. But we leave this for a much larger quantity of books.

Sort them alphabetically by titles

Another idea, which you might like more, is sort the books by their titles. Since sometimes it happens that we remember the author well but we do remember the book and this makes us choose this order. Surely you have so many that you will be able to finish the alphabet in the blink of an eye. If, in addition, the books in question are within a saga, the work is still quite simplified, because that way we will not lose sight of them.

organize books

Do we sort the books by their size?

It is another good option and that we do not dislike. Although it is true that for many or many it is having the bookstore just as disorganized. But the originality will be present because this way we will see how they all quickly line up. There will be a staircase effect that is most relaxing in sight. Hence, it is one of the preferred finishes for decoration. Do you dare with him?

The books you use, always close

Sometimes we not only have the books of basic reading, but perhaps others related to work or our classes are also located in it. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to always have the ones we use the most, very close. Leaving behind or in higher positions those that really don’t have that much priority.

Organize your color books

Again we do a nod to decoration. Therefore, organizing books by color is always a great success. Of course, this will happen when you have a variety of shades, because otherwise they will be piled up in only one and perhaps the visual effect is not so idyllic. Still, everything is testing and you are sure to love the result. Which of these steps are you betting on?

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