Storage ideas for the kitchen area

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Storage ideas for the kitchen area

Kitchen storage

The kitchen area is a place where we usually work, so in addition to having a beautiful decoration it is essential that you have functional furniture. One of the things that most importantly in the kitchen is undoubtedly storage, which should be suitable for everything we should use in it.

At present there are many interesting storage ideas For the kitchen area. Solutions have been thought for everything. From how to place the spices to how to divide the drawers. The solutions offer us practical kitchens for day to day.

Drawer dividers

Storage in drawers

One of the things we must buy to have everything well ordered are the separators for the drawers. The cutlery and all the details we need will be much better if we have them well separated and classified. The drawers do not usually come with divisions, so you have to buy them. Currently there are many ideas in places like Ikea. We can buy dividers for cutlery, textiles or even pans.

A grocer shelf

Speciesman in kitchen

Spices are something we use a lot and should be at hand. But if we have them on the table without more creates a sense of disorder that does not fit. That's why what we can do is put a grocery shelf that is small and pretty. On that shelf we would leave the spices that we use the most that will also be better if we put them in boats that are the same.

Another of the things we can do when creating good storage in our kitchen is to use the removable shelves. This type of shelves help us to have things more at hand, since if an area is deep, the things that are in the background are almost not usually used. These shelves that are extracted what they allow is that we have a perfect vision of everything we have inside, with easy access to everything. That is why they are much more functional.

Separate plates and trays

Separate the plates

Although we usually have the plates and trays on top of each other we will all agree that this is not the most comfortable solution. If we want having everything right at hand it is best to separate them with some accessory that serves this purpose. There are plate and tray separators that allow us to have them standing on the shelves. If we do not have a large number of dishes, this is more functional.

Under the sink

This area is the ideal place to have a closet in which to put all our cleaning products. You have to be very careful not to mix them with anything else. This is very important in a place like cooking, where we work with food and there may be poisoning. So have everything at hand and together under the sink with a functional closet where to store all these cleaning products. If you have children it is important to have something that closes the door to prevent them from accessing this place.

Use hooks to hang

Hooks in the kitchen

This is another great idea that can give us a lot of play. If you have some wooden shelves, you can take advantage of the bottom to put a few hooks. In these hooks you can place some cups or some kitchen utensils that you use often. It helps us to have everything at hand although we must be careful to have too many things in sight. Because if we have many different utensils, the kitchen may look messy. If you choose utensils that have in sight it is always better to choose some that are similar and have the same tones or the same style.

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