Supermarkets where it is cheaper to buy dog ​​food

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Decor : Supermarkets where it is cheaper to buy dog ​​food

Dog food can become a considerable expense. Sometimes finding a cheap and healthy brand for our canines is a real challenge.

Therefore, Alcampo’s offers, as well as Alcampo’s offers on are irresistible due to their good prices. They put at your disposal a wide variety of ideal products for your dog.

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These pages are designed to achieve the most competitive prices on the market. While you could start hunting deals on your own, this website provides you with the best options saving you time and work. In its repertoire you can see different food items that adapt to your pocket. Now, let’s talk about some popular supermarkets with unbeatable prices.

The best of Alcampo

Buyers know that Alcampo supermarkets have been one of the first alternatives for those who want to save money. However, the Association of Consumers and Users made public that the market chain is the cheapest place of sale in Spain.

This interesting food sales company offers a large and assorted range of products for dogs. Their prices are highly competitive in the market. We find costs that go from € 15 to € 20 for canine meat croquettes or dog biscuits between € 1 and € 2.

The reputation of a supermarket like the one mentioned in this point has been approved by many customers and users for years.

Low prices with Carrefour

Without a doubt, many prefer Carrefour for its prices. They have a catalog of prices that, sometimes, are difficult to dispute. Your pet food costs are part of your offers and promotions.

For example, their prices range from snacks at € 1.95 to wet food at just € 0.50. Not only that, the famous beef croquettes are available from € 4.5 to € 13.95. In short, very low costs are achieved for the same products from other supermarket chains.

Mercadona, a helping hand in costs

Mercadona is well known in Spain as another chain of supermarkets that, on many occasions, bring reasonable costs. When it comes to animal food, it is no exception.

If you are looking for dog food, like Compy, you will see prices that go from € 10 to € 30 depending on the amount of kilos you buy. Not only that. The wet food, so fashionable and so healthy for your pets, the price ranges between € 8 a pack of various foods.

Save your expenses by properly caring for your pets

Buyers sometimes don’t realize that when they buy, they lose money every day. A small item like dog food can force you to spend a surplus unnecessarily.

An investigation carried out by Tíanimal showed that the Spanish spend 1200 euros a year in the care of their pets. About 780 euros of that figure is intended for food.

But, the most controversial data is that only 18% of those surveyed assured that price was the most important aspect to consider. Consequently, they are driven by the urge to buy premium products.

For this reason, check what are the offers that shops such as Carrefour, Alcampo or Mercadona bring. They are known in the Spanish territory for enjoying excellent prices.

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