Sustainable buildings is the unfinished business of Spanish architecture

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Sustainable buildings is the unfinished business of Spanish architecture

Although still very slowly, more and more people are concerned about the care of the environment, although there is still much work to be done. Without going any further, a study by Acierto, 8 out of 10 Spanish consumers do not care if the products they buy are respectful of nature. In the world of construction, exactly the same happens. There are people who, when they decide to design a new house, ask that it be done in a sustainable way. We are talking about ecological architecture, an area in which there is still much to be done.

Where is Spain in terms of ecological construction?

Spain has been suspended for six years in environmental matters, since the entry into force of the energy certification for buildings. Again, the problem is that we do not care too much because we do not think about what we could save a year.

In any case, it does think that they and the administration could play a more active role. In fact, this is what 80% of respondents say. The same think of companies, which should strengthen their commitment to the environment.

60% -80% energy saving

Returning to the economic issue and the consumer, it is greater their perception of the savings that can entail certain measures in one more area, say, domestic -like turn off the light, turn off the tap when you brush your teeth, and so on-. According to comparator data, this kind of measures can save users almost 2,000 euros a year in bills. In terms of sustainable housing and only in energy savings are between 60% and 80% less energy expenditure. Having said that, the fact is that government initiatives have a lot to do here, whose help is key.

When we talk about sustainable homes we are referring to ecological homes that minimize energy expenditure and take into account the environment.

And they can do it because their location allows them to make the most of natural energy, because their design lets in a lot of natural light, because their building materials are ecological, they respect green areas -in some buildings there are urban gardens and vertical gardens- and / or because Pay attention to the insulation (to avoid energy losses). Some buildings even have systems to reuse rainwater to fill the cistern and other similar daily actions.

Improving the energy efficiency of homes is possible

Luckily, it is possible to improve the energy efficiency of homes. It is only necessary to carry out a series of simple measures. Among these we find the repair of the facade to improve the insulation, change the windows and put with double glazing or use smart bulbs among many others. Some of them have the support of the public Administration, which provide specific support for these actions. For us to get an idea in economic terms, improving the insulation of the building saves up to 300 euros per year.

The same happens with the incorporation of green areas. Betting on the garden areas on the terrace of the building and even opting for an urban garden is not too complicated and allows taking care of the environment. The use of ecological paints, solar panels, the incorporation of a place to leave bicycles, etc., are other ideas.

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