Sustainable housing in a pure white

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Sustainable housing in a pure white

ARQUIMA, the company specialized in industrialized passive construction, has just published one of its latest projects. It is a sustainable house that has been designed by the architects Manel Casellas and Mar Puig de la Bellacasa, belonging to the 2260mm Barcelona architecture studio.

Functional housing

This ecological house was designed with a clear functional character where straight lines are the protagonists. It is located in a quiet place in the Vallés Occidental region, within the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona. The house stands out for the simplicity of its silhouette, which combined with the materials used, all natural, bring great harmony to the landscape

It is a sustainable single-family house, made with ARQUIMA's own system of light wooden framework, with an energy classification A.

The built space is 193 m², distributed over two floors and composed of a lobby, a study, three bathrooms, four bedrooms, a living room-kitchen-dining room plus an installation room and a laundry room. The house is located in the northern part and in the widest part of a plot of more than 400 m², orienting all its rooms to the south, the day areas on the ground floor and those at night on the first floor.

The main part of the house occupies the entire south face of the ground floor, giving the garden and a 20 m² pool. This large open space, which is a kitchen, dining room and living room, is where most of the life of the house takes place, since it favors relations between all family members.

Concrete pavement for the interior

Inside, a concrete pavement solves the entire ground floor, while pure white is the color that gives light to the walls, carpentry and kitchen furniture. White, synonymous with light and purity, offers a plus of luminosity and a great feeling of spaciousness to any room.

The design of the house is a compact, sober volume, in which white also predominates, with regular openings that are protected from the sun with some booklet shutters, giving this cold volume a genuinely Mediterranean air.

On the upper floor, that of the bedrooms, it has opted for an industrial oak parquet floor that gives warmth to the rooms. The project consists of underfloor heating that provides heating to the whole house, which, being built in wood, has a minimum energy demand and a saving of more than 80% compared to a traditionally constructed house.

The architectural design has taken into account the optimization of resources. Therefore, a strip on the north face of the building groups the access and the serving areas of the house, which do not require sunning: bathrooms, facilities room and laundry.

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