The 21 Most Beautiful Crafts For This Christmas 2021

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You need to start thinking about the crafts for the house: beautiful things, easy to do and above all, very inexpensive. That is what I want to focus on in this post, on things that do not take a long time or decapitalize you, but that at the same time attract attention and stand out in your home next Christmas. For this I want to show you many fun ideas for you to fill the house with details.

I give you some advice: do not discard anything that can later be used for your Christmas crafts: ribbons, buttons, paper, fabric … Anything can do. So get to work!

Crafts for Christmas: Candlesticks and centerpieces

Glasses, jars and vases can become beautiful chandeliers or a regal centerpiece for the Christmas table. You just have to add some balls – perhaps the ones you no longer want to use in the tree – some bows, mini led lights or directly some matching candles.

01 chandeliers02 chandeliers03 centerpieces

Christmas Crafts: Snowy Balls

You can also create your own candle holders, buying colored glitter or imitation snow. A couple of buttons and a cute bow with colorful ribbons will do the trick. This idea will also be very good for the balls of the tree.

04 DIY

Christmas Crafts: With Popsicles

It is increasingly difficult to find ice cream with these popsicles, but they could not cease to exist, due to the amount of crafts that can be made with them. An activity that you can also share with the little ones in the house.

05 popsicles06 snowflakes with lollipops08 pendants with paddles07 little angels with popsicles

Christmas Crafts: Buttons and Patchwork

Time to open the sewing kit and clean up! But instead of throwing away all those scraps of fabric that you think are useless and so many repeated buttons, use them in these original creations.

09 buttons10 buttons and patchwork11 buttons and patchwork2

Christmas Crafts: Snowmen

A pair of socks that you no longer use, buttons, ribbons or whatever you have hand will be enough to create this cute and cuddly snowman.

12 snowmen

Crafts for Christmas: Logs

Time to prune the trees in the garden? Choose the best branches and the most uniform trunks. Paint them with Christmas motifs or add details to turn them into dreamy characters; place them in the corners to give a lot of heat to the home in the next parties.

13 logs13 logs2

7. Weaving, Weaving and Weaving

If you are one of those who loves to knit and you can’t stop doing it, then start doing beautiful things for the end of the year right now. You can make from balls for the tree to the stockings for the fireplace and much more.

14 crochet balls15 lights in crochet16 crochet dolls17 crochet dolls

Christmas Crafts: Snowflakes

Is it true that the snowflakes seen under the microscope are all different? I don’t know, but that gives us the freedom to create a lot of shapes. They are pretty, decorative, and easy to do. Here I show you an idea to make them on paper and another for you to draw on the windows with the silicone glue gun.

18 paper snowflakes20 silicone snowflakes

Crafts for Christmas: Floats

The children’s floats are very useful in the pool, but at Christmas they can have a much more fun use, like this: giant pacifiers for the entrance of the house or a wreath for the door.

21 floats21 floats 2

Crafts for Christmas: A Very Easy Wreath to Make

With a wire hanger and the balls that you no longer want to use in your tree, you will have in a matter of seconds a beautiful wreath for the entrance.

22 christmas wreath

Christmas Crafts: Table Ideas

Christmas dinner is the most important moment of the last month of the year. In addition to what to cook, think about how you will dress the table on such an important date. Here I give you some easy and original ideas.

23 Christmas table23 for the table23 napkins

Crafts for Christmas: Candies

Christmas candies are a classic. Besides being delicious, they can be used for many inexpensive and great crafts.

24 christmas wreath candies

Christmas Crafts: Recycling Cans

At the beginning of this post I said that I would give you ideas to make your Christmas crafts with a very low budget, and this, without a doubt, is possible using materials to recycle. Like these cans of tuna and canned food, which can become beautiful candle holders and even Christmas trees.

25 recycling cans26 recycling cans227 recycling cans3

Christmas Crafts: Recycling Cardboard Tubes

From today do not throw the empty rolls of toilet paper into the basket. They could be the boxes for your December gifts, or, with a little paint, splurge creativity on an ornament for the house.

28 recycling cardboard tubes29 recycling cardboard tubes2

Christmas Crafts: Recycling EVERYTHING

Everything, absolutely everything that you think is no longer useful, can have a leading place in the Christmas decorations. From compact discs that are scratched, the corks of all the wines drunk during the year, to empty coffee capsules. It’s a matter of getting creative.

30 recycling cds31 recycling corks32 recycling capsules

Crafts for Christmas: To Give Away

Make your gifts stand out under the tree. Here are some great ideas for bags, envelopes, cards and bows.

33 gift bags34 embroidered labels35 ties36 envelopes

Crafts for Christmas: For the Tree

See what cute things you can easily do to decorate your Christmas tree!

38 saplings2

39 paper tree2

Crafts for Christmas: Crafts for Christmas, Also in the Kitchen

Yes, because it is not only about cooking delicious things, but also that they are an art in themselves.

41 christmas-sweets40 Christmas candy

Crafts for Christmas: Original Cribs

In Catholic families the presence of the manger is very important. Here I show you two in miniature, very original and easy to do.

42 manger43 manger 2

Crafts for Christmas: Christmas Even in the Bathroom

Let every corner of your house breathe Christmas! With small details you will achieve it, even in the bathroom.

47 bathroom346 bathroom245 bathroom

Crafts for Christmas: Dress up your Christmas House

It is not necessary that you have a special space for the tree, or that you have to change all the decoration for a month. It is about adding small details to your usual furniture and accessories, so that they are dressed with the joy of the dates and the genius of your crafts for Christmas.

48 dressed chairs49 decorated legs50 christmas refrigerator

All creativity, originality and manual skill put at the service of the most beautiful time of the year. Start thinking about what you will do and have a Christmas full of love and beautiful things in your home.

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