The architecture on the pool covers

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Decor : The architecture on the pool covers

Until some time ago, when summer came to an end, it was common for families to start preparing their pool to spend the winter months waiting for a new summer season. But since some years, this practice has changed thanks to the installation of pool covers, an element that offers many advantages Among which we can highlight the possibility of extending the bathing season for a few more weeks, or better care of the pool water throughout the winter. Here the key is to choose the company with which to contract the cover, since it must be a company with experience in the sector, as is the case with vegametal, a company that manufactures, designs and installs pool covers of all kinds.

Covers as design elements

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It may be that when we talk about pool covers, many of you think of the typical canvases with which to cover the surface, but in this case we are not referring to that type of elements, but to covers that are designed to function as decorative elements within the garden. You only have to look at the catalog offered by the Vegametal company to realize what we are talking about.

When choosing one or another design, not only the dimensions of the pool are taken into account, but another series of reasons can be taken into account to opt for one or another cover. For example, a roof that follows the same decorative style as the rest of the garden.

What is sought with this type of elements designed for the pool, is that in addition to serving as a protective element, it becomes a decorative element that accompanies us throughout the year. Thanks to them, it is possible to get more out of the decorative styles that can be used today when decorating a garden. In this case, the option of flat roofs usually works very well to gain space to use during the winter months. For example, to place plants or small statues on the structure.

Cover to create a new room

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Such is the variety of options that we can find when choosing a cover, that it is possible to create a new room in our house, where the pool would be the main element but not the only one.

In this way, it is possible to install a high roof that offers us a space to place a solarium to enjoy the pool even more. Also, that structure could be retractable. In this way, during the summer it could be open while in winter it would be closed to create a more welcoming space.

Choice of roof type

As the catalog of options available for roofs is extensive, It is not difficult to find the one that suits our decorative style, although sometimes, as the structure is so large, it might be advisable to carry out the decoration taking into account its design.

For example, if the pool is close to the house, it may be recommended that the cover be of a similar tone to the facade, or that it combines with it. If it is further away, we could have more freedom when it comes to playing with its design.

I think we are not wrong in stating that having a good cover design for our pool may be enough to give that special touch to our garden that we were looking for so much. It is only necessary to find the option that best suits our needs, and in case of doubt, always seek advice from the experts.

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