The best bulbs to plant in the fall

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Do you like plants? Well, if so, you cannot miss this post, because we are going to show you what they are The best bulbs to plant in the fall and that you fill your home with color and wonderful aromas. And is that the bulbs are easy to grow and very grateful, because they generate flowers of very cheerful colors, ideal to dress any terrace, balcony, garden and even your indoor spaces with nature, life and personality. Let’s see.

The best bulbs to plant in the fall


Saffron flower

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They are beautiful and widely used in vintage decoration. If you like this style, plant them or plant them in a round pot. Although if you want them for the garden, placed in the foreground they will look beautiful, being the protagonists of the same with their yellow hues, or if you prefer, in lilac or white. They have a curious bell shape very characteristic. The only thing to keep in mind is plant the bulbs in a group. By late winter or early spring they will have bloomed.

The Daffodils


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A beautiful flower that is easy to maintain because they resist well even to frost, although the ideal thing is to give them the sun, and they even live well in the semi-shade. Of course, they need to be in a drained soil. Their trumpet shaped flowers they are lovely.

The tulips


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For those who love color and want a rainbow in their garden. Because the tulips They have so many varieties that you will find the shades you want. You must plant the bulbs in fall very close together, so that when the flowers grow, you can see groups of tulips in your favorite colors.

The hyacinths


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If something stands out in hyacinths is its scent. Simply delicious, which does not detract from its beauty. You can sow them in a pot, in the ground or even in a glass or container with water. Although unfortunately their life span is relatively short, they are worth cultivating just to delight in them. It is advisable to have them near a window if you want them indoors.



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A white and green flower in the shape of a bell that you can also have in spring or even earlier if you decide to plant your bulbs in fall. The intense gray-green color of its ribbon-shaped leaves is very attractive. A Advantage of planting snowdrops is that they resist well to frost.

The lilies


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Another plant that is born in bulbs that are grown in fall and that give the place a delicious smell. They are also shaped like a trumpet, with a delicate flower that shines at any time of the day and that gives us its fragrance especially at night. Of course, be careful, because there are many varieties of lilies and not all are aromatic. If you are looking for scented lilies, the varieties Lilium candidum and Lilium regale they won’t let you down.

The freesias


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The same happens with freesias, which are other plants in bulbs to plant in fall that they like the most for their rich aroma. The narrow, dark-hued leaves are incredibly beautiful and their flowers are again flared, accompanied by very pretty green stems.

The Nazarenes

Nazarenes flowers

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These beautiful, long, spike-shaped stems and compact, small bell-shaped flowers somewhat resemble hyacinths. Its color varies depending on whether its petals are being born or opening, being at first a blackish violet color and later turning bluish. Muscari latifolium decorate any garden and should not be overlooked when you start your planting and growing bulbs in autumn.

The Spring Flower

Autumn bulbs

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Another unique flower that is born in spring and that attracts the attention of those who meet it. This time for its peculiar red-orange cluster shape. Unlike the previous ones, it is true that we are not dealing with a pretty plant or flower, although its rustic appearance also helps us to acquire that rural-style decoration that is so fashionable. However, it is difficult to have at home, while it grows great in the field. Well, they take advantage of the shady areas under the trees. In addition, they need a very drained soil.

The scientific term or name by which you recognize this spring Flower it is “Arum italicum ‘Marmoratum”. You have probably seen it if you usually go on a nature excursion.

Ornamental garlic

Ornamental garlic

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You know the garlic you use in the kitchen, but have you heard of ornamental garlic? It is so beautiful! It has beautiful pink and mauve colors and its bulbs can be planted throughout the fall. Although if you want, you can bet on sowing its seeds.

They are those colored balls that you have seen from time to time, like balloons or lollipops but of a floral nature. A top decoration for tables and other places that will attract whoever sees it, without a doubt. Do not worry if its leaves wilt, since they do so long before the flower and it is part of their natural life cycle. Enjoy its color, shape and fragrance. Some wonders of nature that the ornamental garlic.

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