The “boom” of Nordic kitchens

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Decor : The “boom” of Nordic kitchens

In recent years the Nordic style has been installed in kitchens around the world, filling them with white, elegant and functional furniture

Wood elements reminiscent of nature are favorites in Scandinavian kitchens

The Nordic style has long since spread from Scandinavian kitchens to all over the world. Its success, achieved thanks to a simple, elegant and functional design, has led more and more Spanish houses to choose this style for renovation. The white color and the wooden furniture are the protagonists of this minimalist style that is becoming more and more fashionable. To achieve this aspect we must take care of every detail and change all the elements of the kitchen so that they create harmony as a whole: from the cupboards to the kitchen sink, passing of course through the worktop.

What elements characterize this type of kitchen?

Nordic kitchens

If we enter a Nordic kitchen, the first thing that will attract our attention is the light. The Scandinavian tends to remember nature, open spaces, so if possible there should always be natural light. If we want renovate our kitchen but this is not viable, we must take maximum care that the room is well lit. In the Nordic countries, light is scarce and that is why it is highly appreciated: everything is designed to make the most of it.

In that sense, a well-lit kitchen will appear even more spacious if it is white. This color, the protagonist of Swedish and Norwegian winters, will be present in the furniture and even in the dishes, which will also give an elegant appearance to the place. On the other hand, as we said, in this type of design the favorite material is wood. If we cannot assume the costs and care that this material requires, there is no problem, since today there are other materials that imitate it and that produce the same effect: giving warmth in the midst of so much whiteness. In addition, we can place a small plant to really feel in nature while we cook.

Having a spacious office is ideal in these cases, but if we do not have so much space we can use our imagination and find practical solutions such as placing a folding table where we can eat in a group.

When choosing the decoration elements, we must be careful not to confuse “minimalist” with cold or without grace. We can resort not only to plants, but to wooden kitchen tools hanging on the wall, leaving the dishes in view or hanging a blue or greenish kitchen towel to give a touch of color that combines with the wood.

We will take care of the details and take care of the main elements of the kitchen, such as the countertop, the sink and the plates. For this, the previous criteria serve: they are white or in wood tones, and without great ornamentation. Simple, always better, since it will also be more practical and functional. Let’s not forget that the main objective is to be able Cook comfortably.

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