The boom of vertical gardens

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Decor : The boom of vertical gardens

The vertical garden trend continues its unstoppable advance. Its growth and expansion began a few years ago and the coronavirus pandemic has only increased the desire to have contact with nature. Adapting the urban and private context with these gardens is the best way to improve the aesthetic appearance of the walls, in addition to bringing many other benefits

The landscape in cities is changing. In recent years, it has been possible to see an authentic boom in the installation of vertical gardens. Thanks to this system, which hardly need maintenance or watering, the walls have been used as support to fill them with nature. Plants that invade the interior and exterior spaces in a perpendicular way, greening those areas where it is installed, however complicated they may seem, providing perfumes, fresh environments and health.

vertical gardens

It is a trend that is increasingly in demand by individuals and companies, as it offers a striking and very innovative aesthetic contribution. In addition, it carries important benefits for the health of people who pass through these environments, both physically and psychologically. Especially after the arrival of the pandemic, the vertical gardens in cities they have gained strength throughout the world, achieving that more and more citizens benefit from its positive effects, since its natural and aesthetic appearance, of wild nature, provides comfortable, relaxing and different environments to any space.

Benefits of vertical gardens

Nature is itself the source of life. For too long, cities have been gaining ground and gray landscapes have invaded large areas, turning into sad-looking cosmopolitan areas.

A vertical garden installed on any exterior or interior wall, it offers numerous benefits at an ecological, economic and social level. It is a very visual decoration that hardly needs maintenance or watering and it has the ability to adapt to any surface. These facilities once again give color and life to the cities.

A green facade purifies the air, regulates the ambient temperature and promotes biodiversity in urban environments. Green walls are part of bioclimatic constructions making citizens happier, enjoying greater peace of mind in these new green and natural spaces, which implies that the quality of life is generally increased.

Purify the air

This is the first notable benefit. By all it is known that plants increase the quality of the air you breathe. Lhe vertical gardens in cities filter pollutant particles from the air, transforming large amounts of COâ ???? in oxygen.

Regulates the room temperature

Climate change is wreaking havoc on planet Earth. Pollution and the reduction of natural spaces are the main responsible for the global temperature rise.

To understand the importance of plants in reducing temperatureYou have to know that they absorb 50% of the sunlight and reflect only 30%, creating a cooler and more pleasant climate.

In a city that has a good amount of vegetation through green facades, the ambient temperature will be reduced by approximately 3 degrees. Indoors, the vertical gardens represent 33% less air conditioning, which translates into notable energy and economic savings.

Increase biodiversity

As previously commented, plants are a source of life and provide suitable habitat for many types of birds and insects. This is especially important in city environments, where asphalt and concrete predominate, rendering animal species homeless. In this sense, vertical gardens on building facades increase biodiversity.

Reduce noise

A green facade is the best natural sound barrier for a building, absorbing up to 41% more noise than a traditional facade. This translates into quieter spaces indoors and outdoors of buildings, reducing the environmental noise of a city by almost half.

Healthier work environment and increased production

The green spaces promote healthier work environments, reducing different types of discomfort, such as headaches, sore throats, irritation, tiredness and fatigue. In this sense, in offices where there is a lot of vegetation, sick leave decreases, directly increasing the production offered by each employee.

Plants have a positive effect on people, which is manifested in the satisfaction of employees with their work, their level of commitment to the company and makes productivity increase by up to 15%.

Barrier against fire and external agents

Plants have a large amount of moisture, when creating a green wall, protects buildings against fire. In addition, a green wall provides protection against external agents, such as the sun, rain, wind or extreme temperatures, extending the useful life of the facade.

These and many other benefits are associated with vertical gardens. Meet Bestgarden, the pioneer company in the field of artificial grass and vertical gardens that continues to innovate, always positioning itself at the forefront of these issues.

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