The decorative elements that cannot be missing in your home

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Decor : The decorative elements that cannot be missing in your home

Decorative elements in the home

When decorating each corner, we always spend the day thinking about what could be better, a vase? A plant? or leave it as is. There is nothing written in the case of the decoration because it is something quite free, with many styles and many elements that you can add depending on the taste you have. The idea is to create a space that you like and is appropriate to your needs.

The decorative elements that are worn today There can be many, so we are going to tell you about some that you may like and that you cannot miss in your home. Enjoy these ideas to give the final touch to your decoration, since all spaces need a special touch that makes them become something different and unique.

Simple shaped vases

Decorative vases for home

One of the things that can help you give a special touch to a corner, a table or the part that is over the fireplace are the vases. Nowadays you can find hundreds of them with very varied shapes. Undoubtedly a trend that we can see is to buy several vases of simple shapes and minimalist or Nordic style and mix them. Symmetry is never sought since this idea is no longer carried. Mixing is a trend, although it must make a certain coherence in the style and tones. If we use neutral tones, we must continue using them or add one with a color that stands out. The idea is to decorate with vases and that they are the protagonists thanks to their beautiful shapes and tones.

The vintage element

Decorate in vintage style

The vintage pieces are worn a lot and also have the quality that they look good in many places. Think for example of a nice old clock, a vintage telephone or a mirror. All of them can be put in an area with more modern, Nordic or bohemian decoration and they will look great. In addition, vintage elements have their history and are highly appreciated. You shouldn’t throw any away if you can find them around your house or search trails, as there are amazing, high-quality things. It is giving a new life to an element that stands out on its own.

Minimalist paintings

Pictures to decorate the home

Decorate with paintings is another of the great trends that we can see in homes. There are many ideas in this sense but we see one very repeated. Minimalist paintings are here to stay because we can mix many with great ease. These paintings use simple shapes and basic tones such as black, white or beige, which makes it easy to combine. If you like this type of decoration, you can create a great composition of paintings and enhance any wall in your home with them.

The vase with fresh flowers

Flowers in your home

Surely in many Instagram accounts you have seen many bloggers use flowers and more flowers and even take many photographs of bouquets of flowers of many colors. Appreciating the natural beauty of flowers is something that is done again and for this reason we also recommend that if you want a house with that special touch, you look for a place where you can buy flowers at a good price. A vase with natural flowers lasts a few days but it will certainly add an elegant and beautiful touch to your whole home. Flowers always create an atmosphere of beauty that is difficult to match.

Wicker baskets

Decorate with wicker baskets

The baskets are a very functional piece, since they help us to store things, but they also have their charm. Especially if we are talking about the cool wicker baskets, which are used to decorate corners. There are many types, even painted or with tassels to give a little color.

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