The hydraulic tile gains prominence in our homes

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The hydraulic tile gains prominence in our homes

Hydraulic tile

Many of the elements that marked interior design decades ago, once again have a great role. Yes, everything comes back and hydraulic tiles They are no exception. Those tiles that during the modernist era lived their best stage return renewed.

Hydraulic tiles maintain that today retro essence of yesteryear but they provide us with characteristics according to the new times. And capable as they are to provide a touch of style to any space in our home, both interior and exterior, we have fallen in love with them.

What is a hydraulic tile?

The hydraulic tile is a tile composed mainly of cement, pigment and marmolina whose manufacturing process is characterized by the use of metal molds for the application of colors, which are subsequently fixed to the cement base through the use of hydraulic press.

Hydraulic Tile

His great presentation in society came at the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1867 by the company Garret, Rivet y Cía. His moment of glory in our country, however, came at the beginning of the 20th century with the arrival of modernism what made geometric and nature-based designs proliferate.

The hydraulic tiles were then used both outdoors and indoors Because of its great resistance. However, since it was originally very porous, it was essential to apply an impermeable layer that would protect them from water, grease and other stains.

The new hydraulic tile

Today, however, many use ceramic materials and vinyl finishes in its manufacture in order to make cleaning and maintenance easier. The ceramic tile thus manufactured is also resistant, waterproof, easy to maintain and non-slip. Its manufacture is simpler than the original, which also allows to reduce the price of each unit and democratize its use. The new techniques also allow to create very different designs and reproduce that aged appearance of the original tiles.

How to use it in your home

Hydraulic tiles can be used to pave any project contemporary decorative. Given their unique nature, however, your options when choosing furniture may be limited. Choosing a sober furniture that gives all the prominence to these tiles will be ideal for not reloading the space.

Hydraulic tile

There are also many other corners that can benefit from this type of coating. Small spaces in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, on which you can draw attention using hydraulic tiles to decorate them. You can use them, for example to ...

  • Give an original touch to the surface of a piece of furniture or accessory.
  • Frame a specific area on the wall
  • Create a border.
  • Create a drawing on the floor of the room or hallway.
  • Cover a ladder.

Paving a floor with hydraulic tile is not available to everyone, but if working on small surfaces with a level base such as interior stairs, tables ... All you have to do is invest in a suitable putty that adheres to any surface and also waterproof it if applied between the joints of the tiles.

Hydraulic tile coverings

The hydraulic tile is currently capable of adapt to any project decorative. It is so thanks to the different styles it adopts; It is possible to find in the market from classic compositions to modern and unique, both in terms of manufacturing and design. And in a great variety of colors, as you will have seen.

And the inspiration to find ways to incorporate it into our home is inexhaustible. In Barcelona there are numerous modernist apartments whose images we can find on the net. We can also find inspiration in the interiors of the rustic style houses of the French countryside. And for smaller projects Nothing like Pinterest where many people like you and me share their own ideas and DIY projects.

Do you like hydraulic tiles? How would you use them in your home?

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