The importance of knowing how to break barriers and interact with nature

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Decor : The importance of knowing how to break barriers and interact with nature

There is nothing better than being able to enjoy nature. Nature is life and the key to enjoying a better home. With the pandemic, the gardens have acquired great importance, since it was the place where the family has been able to free themselves from the walls of their home. More and more people are aware of the advantages of living surrounded by nature. In ARK Architects use the gardens of its villas as a mediator between architecture and the place where they are built.

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This international architecture firm is specialized in the process of design and construction of luxury residences. For ARK Architects it is essential that the project integrates perfectly with the nature of the environment.

Connection of nature with homes

More and more clients are looking for that connection with nature within their homes. People and families who want to enjoy a more sustainable way of life and in which nature and the peace that it emanates are the first hosts of the house. For that very reason, the garden is a fundamental part of the brand’s projects and is integrated from the first moment in the design of the villa.

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ARK’s philosophy is to dialogue with nature. For this, they use geometric shapes as a language and from there idyllic environments are created, always respecting the bases on which it is being created. For Manuel R. Moriche, creative director of the firm, “Every place, every landscape, every atmosphere, every project is unique. Respecting the environment, playing with its same language, merging with the surrounding landscape, are essential elements to ensure that the home is perfectly inserted in the natural environment”.

When ARK begins with a garden design, the species that are selected can always be easily adapted to the environment. It is essential “blend in with the place. Be kind with our intervention, that the place accepts us, sticking to it, not imposing itself. If to build one of our villas we have to cut down exemplary trees, we try move them around or save them. Our respect for nature is above all”, Clarifies Manuel R. Moriche.

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The fact of integrating nature at home not only helps to create that environment in which you breathe calm, but also influences the energy efficiency of the home. Inserting roof gardens, vertical gardens or green walls will domake construction more sustainable.

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