The importance of living in healthy housing

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Decor : The importance of living in healthy housing

The confinement to which we are subjected because of the Covid-19, is causing us to have to spend a greater amount of time in our homes. This situation is causing us to become more aware of the space where we live. The construction of it can greatly influence our mood, as it can help us regenerate and strengthen our immune system.

Our house should be more than just a place that offers us shelter and shelters us from inclement weather. It should be a personal space that enhances our health and our physical and mental well-being within a framework of global health.

Healthy housing is one that does not offer any negative effect on the health of its inhabitants, nor on the environment. It is a space that provides us with comfort, relaxation and helps us to reconnect and regenerate our body and mind daily.

The professionals who have designed and built homes in our country in the last decades have not followed criteria that optimize the quality of homes. In Spain a lot has been built without any criteria for bio-construction or energy saving.

Habitat biology

On many occasions the interior environment of our homes can become more toxic than the exterior due to volatile organic compounds, acrylic paints, plastics, electronic radiation, lack of light and ventilation, etc. To avoid undermining our health we can adopt different measures. It is important to guarantee a minimum exchange of clean air 24 hours a day, avoid mold formation, microbial contamination and enhance natural lighting. We must give the materials and the interior environment the importance it deserves and use them to our advantage. The important thing is to prevent any situation that may affect our immune system.

Unfortunately, the reality is that the vast majority of newly built or recently renovated buildings in our country do not meet basic health and hygiene requirements.

The company specialized in passive industrialized construction ARQUIMA uses healthy materials with hygroscopic properties. These include many components recommended for bio-construction such as wood, natural fibers, lime mortars, avoiding finishes covered with varnishes or synthetic products.

The team of ARCHIME is aware of the problem posed by poorly ventilated interiors and composed of toxic materials, that is why it builds healthy homes in which the well-being of people is a priority and it does so through unprocessed natural materials, present in nature and which are part of of our tradition, for its biological qualities and for its environmental safety.

Neat interiors also produce positive health impacts, provide comfort and convey a feeling of well-being.

He New Technical Building Code (CTE), approved on December 20, 2019 and published in the Official State Gazette on December 27, requires that as of January 1, 2021, at the European level, all new buildings, both public and private, be from Almost Zero Energy Consumption (nZEB). An Almost Zero Energy Consumption Building is the closest thing to a building designed and built under the criteria of the Passivhaus standard and that is the basis of the basic document of Energy Saving of New Technical Building Code (CTE).

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