The La Arboleda del Sur hotel complex has heat-treated Lunawood wood

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Decor : The La Arboleda del Sur hotel complex has heat-treated Lunawood wood

The sustainable hotel project La Arbolera del Sur, located in the Ezcaray town of La Rioja, has opted for the Lunawood heat-treated wood that is exclusively distributed in our country by Gabarró Hermanos. It is an ideal material to be used in all types of projects, even in sustainable projects such as this case. The architecture studio Picado de Blas in Madrid, has been commissioned to carry it out. This project has a modular system of PIR galvanized steel self-supporting panels and also Luna Thermo-D Flanders pine from Lunawood, an ideal product for outdoor solutions.

Façade wrap

The wood of Gabarró, with traceability PEFC, surrounds the facades of the building with a shade house and blends in with the garden environment while offering highly protective solutions to the variable inclement weather in the area: from intense cold, heavy snowfall and strong winds to extremely hot days .

With the construction method used, it only took four months for the building, since it weighs eight times less than traditional construction. The removable construction technique also makes the project an ecological work, since it minimizes transport (large size-low weight of the panels), reducing gas emissions by 84%.

Heat-treated wood facade cladding Lunawood® are an optimal solution for cladding new construction, both for homes or wooden service buildings as well as for classic constructions made of concrete, brick or other materials. The outer cladding Luna Thermo-D It offers a useful life of 30 years, assuming a beautiful silver gray color over time when exposed to UV light and if no treatment is applied.

In this project a total of 1000 m have been coveredtwo with heat-treated pine wood slats Lunawood specific for outdoor spaces.

High quality products

These Lunawood brand products stand out for their high quality, as well as being natural and without chemical additives. All this makes them sustainable and respectful with the environment. The Scandinavian brand is a pioneer and innovator, worldwide, in the thermal modification of wood, subjecting it to a combined cycle that alternates high temperatures (between 190 and 212 ° C) and different degrees of humidity, depending on the product range: Luna Thermo-S for indoor applications and Luna Thermo-D designed for exhibition in outdoor environments, as in the case of this hotel complex.

These intensive heat treatments, without any type of chemical additive, manage to transform the structure and properties of the wood. In the case of pine, the natural tendency of wood to bend, swell or shrink due to humidity is reduced by 50%.

The different products and finishes of the brand Lunawood heat-treated wood® have the international certificate PEFC (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) and they are a perfect solution for cladding facades, floors, ceilings, fences, terraces, saunas, cladding, etc. Its anti-humidity properties and its ease of combining with other materials such as ceramic, stoneware, concrete or stone make it an ideal ally for architects and designers to create projects with their own personality.

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