The latest in curtains for the living room

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Decor : The latest in curtains for the living room

The curtains are useful accessories for the home. But they are not just decoration. They provide privacy and give us the possibility to regulate the light that we want to enter the house. And, although we are talking about home and home, the curtains can be used in any room: from an office to a caravan.

The latest trend in curtains for living room and dining room it’s the venetian curtains. These laminated curtains, which can be made of PVC or aluminum, are the most successful option in terms of elegance and sobriety for any environment.

curtains for the living room

Venetian blinds

These curtains are made of wood, aluminum or PVC slats among other materials. These sheets are of different cuts, measures and weights and are placed in parallel with the ground.

They have a simple operation that consists of a rope to raise and lower them.

They have become an absolutely recommended option for their sobriety and elegance. In any home or any room they are a safe bet.

They have countless advantage:

  • They control the natural light that we want to enter the room.
  • Its installation is very simple. As well as its maintenance.
  • Privacy in doors and windows.
  • They are easily cleaned. They do not need to be disassembled for cleaning.
  • They adapt to any decorative style.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • They can be made to measure, so any personal touch is easy to give.

Actually, this type of curtains have a perfect functionality for doors and windows. Against some curtains that, for example, cannot be used on doors. Or that they are not advisable in places where access to cleaning is not easy.

They are not the typical curtains that we have always seen in houses and that have more and more detractors. This type of curtains invasive of space and that cause a certain burden to those who are inside the room.

In fact, they have a very important advantage: their imperceptibility when they are folded. What does this mean? It means that, if we fold the curtain, it seems that there is no curtain. Faced with fabric curtains, which always have to be somewhere, swirling and creating a feeling of heaviness on the sides of the windows. They also score points against vertical curtains, which are too cold and, even if they are open, never leave the window visible, with the feeling of closed that this produces.

Let’s not forget that the origin of the curtain is almost as old as the sedentary lifestyle in humans. They are already recorded in the Bible, in ancient Greece and, of course, during the Roman Empire. The curtains are a decorative element and also for room division, privacy, and help against the entry of undesirable bugs into the house.

There are some tips that you can take into account when choosing curtains for your home.

1. Unify

If you unify the curtains in the house, it will appear larger. The spaces will be expanded.

In addition, it will be much easier to choose a type of curtain. It can become a nightmare to have to choose one for each room.

And, above all, you will avoid an overload at home. With different models, the least you can achieve is that the home loses balance and harmony.

2. Intimacy and light in equal measure

It is necessary to be able to get curtains that provide us with the doses of privacy we need but that do not prevent us from light. For this, Venetian blinds are perfect, as we have already mentioned, because they give the option of folding or unfolding them completely or at the desired height.

Nor is one room the same as another. For example, in a bedroom you can put blackout curtains, which completely block the passage of light. However, in a hall or living room it is not the best option. If we have curtains that give us some light while intimacy will be ideal.

3. Save space

If we have small spaces, or if they are large and we do not want to lose a bit of their dimensions, it is best to put curtains glued to the window. That is, they are not bulky fabrics.

The same happens with the length, we must adapt the length to the window. That is, it has the length we need. You do not have to drag them on the ground even if we have a large window.

For a more inviting space, you can let the curtains rest loosely on the floor. This will take away space, but will provide home heat.

4. Plain or stamped

In fact, we can also choose these Venetian blinds in three types of curtains, as Reiteman suggests, so that they fit exactly what we are looking for:

  • Colors
  • Stamped
  • Creative

As a general rule, these curtains are of a uniform color. Usually white, the color of the wood or the material itself. But we can adapt them to the style we want so that the room does not lose our touch.

A star tip that is very fashionable is that you choose the wall color curtains. This will make the curtain blend in with the background and make them go more unnoticed, adding depth to the space.

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