The most beautiful autumn trees

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Create a list with The most beautiful autumn trees It can be a priori something very subjective, we know. But we wanted to investigate, learn and then select those species that have managed to amaze scholars the most and that have a unique charm. If you are in love with trees, this post is going to like you. If, on the contrary, until now the trees had not caught your attention, from now on you will feel like stopping and admiring their beauty the next time you are walking through a park.

The most beautiful autumn trees



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The Galicians will know especially the Birch, although not only in Galicia we can find trees of this type. They marvel at their leaves of yellowish hue like gold and that they turn brown with the days although they do not stop being beautiful.

The Sweetgum


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A tree almost 40 meters high that impresses with its red leaves. It comes from the United States where we can see it in many places.

Red Maple

Red Maple

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Also in red we have the Maple. Although as they age, their leaves turn gray with a brown hue. But in both stages, the Red Maple it is of great beauty. It is also a tree that, if it could speak, would tell us many stories, since it is capable of living up to 200 years.

Hamamelis or witch hazel

His name alone is already impressive. It is not a large tree, as it barely reaches 7 meters in height, but the lack of height does not detract from its beauty or even less importance. The copper color of its leaves, which later, when winter arrives, turns yellowish, stands out especially, but also other details.

Witch hazel

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It is a tree with important healing properties which have been known since ancient times, in fact, it was used by the American Indians to cure diseases, especially for its sedative effects, to treat skin problems and inflammations.

Beware that witch hazel is also called “witch’s broom”, so we cannot help but feel enchanted by this beautiful tree and its beneficial properties. In fact, the cosmetic industry relies heavily on witch hazel to make its products. Although yes, despite its name and, although it is paradoxical, witch hazel is not related to witchcraft or anything like that.

The Alamo

It predominates in Europe and also in Asia and North Africa. It stands out for its striking white trunk together with some very pretty yellow leaves. A beautiful tree to enjoy when we meet one and photograph, while we allow ourselves to be enchanted by the beautiful autumn picture that it leaves us and the blanket of leaves that invites us to appreciate even the sound of our footsteps.


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With these the prettiest autumn trees now it will be easier for you to enjoy this romantic season of the year. And it is that even in the leaves that fall or that threaten to do so, beauty can be found. Also, let’s not forget that trees have a lot of symbolism and that surrounding oneself with trees or getting close to one gives us a shot of energy.

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