The most popular and beautiful tropical indoor plants

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Decor : The most popular and beautiful tropical indoor plants

exotic tropical plants

Tropical plants undeniably add color and also an exotic touch to the interior of your home. It doesn’t even matter if you live in a slightly colder climate. There are tropical plants that are best known and preferred for their striking flowers.

variety tropical plants

However, there are many other tropical plants that are adored for their large leaves and diverse designs. Well then, we will indicate the most popular tropical plants. All the tropical plants in this little list can be grown indoors in any climate.

tropical plants decoration

There are also some that can be kept indoors during the winter and then taken outdoors in the summer. These tropical plants can be perfectly kept in your living room, in your bedroom or in your bathroom.

tropical plants interior decoration

Tropical Plants – Bird of Paradise

You could say that the bird of paradise is one of the most tropical flowers that exist. It has large, distinctive and somewhat conspicuous flowers. Fortunately, it is also very easy to grow indoors. While it is a vigorous and fast growing houseplant, it should be fertilized weekly and kept in a pot.

tropical plants bird of paradise

The beautiful birds of paradise can grow up to 182 centimeters in height and will need three to five years of growth to flower. It is worth mentioning that you could find them in blue or orange. You need to make sure to provide bright light with some direct sunlight and keep them moist.

tropical plants bird paradise

Tropical plants – Bromeliads

These tropical plants surely they are the easiest plants to grow. These pretty and eye-catching plants They adjust very easily to potting, they are also much more tolerant than many of their lush leafy colleagues. Among the colors in which you can find them is red, green, purple, orange.

tropical bromeliad plants

Also yellow, with stripes, stripes, spots and more. Bromeliads can be grown so much in soil for fast-draining pots. I mean, the mix consisting of peat and sand based soil. But They can also be grown mounted on logs or boards. There are also many people hanging them on the wall. They are bright and also direct light. And you should make sure you give away weekly but try to avoid standing water.

tropical plants bromeliads

Tropical Plants – Silly Cane

The goofy cane is practically in almost every home where plants love it. It is an excellent indoor tropical foliage plant. To grow this popular plant, use a fast-draining potting mix.

tropical plants silly cane

It is also recommended that you fertilize with a 20-20-20 mix. Make sure your location is warm and draft-free. During the winter it could receive bright light but in the months where it is still growing, indirect light is better, it will favor you much more. As for the irrigation do it twice a week but without abusing.

silly canes tropical plants

Tropical plants – Cordyline

This beautiful plant is almost a synonym for tropic. These bold and colorful foliage plants can be found in a wide range of leaf colors. Beautiful green, yellow, red, purple leaves and more. Even with proper care, they can add a somewhat dramatic accent.

tropical cordyline plants

Its location should be in a warm place and without drafts. Make sure to use a high-quality, well-drained potting mix, preferably with a pH of 6 to 6.5 and weekly nutrition. It can receive bright light or indirect light.

tropical cordylines plants

Tropical plants – Philodendron

they are perfectas for interiors. There are varieties where you can choose even if you know that the philodendrons self-heading or vertical and climbing. TThey are very low maintenance and can remain ungrown for long periods of time. Verify that it gives you indirect light.

philodendron tropical plants

Tropical plants – Palma kentia

without a doubt, palm trees are the permanent symbol of everything tropical. So there is a selection of palm trees that are very easy to grow indoors. You can enjoy these plants from your entrance to any corner of any sunny room. Unquestionably, it reminds you of vacation in the tropics.

tropical plants kentia palm

Even, as a curious fact, we indicate that these have been present in royalty. Queen Victoria ensured that Kentia palms were used in her many residences. Well, plant your palm in a quick-drain potting mix. Be sure to fertilize it monthly and keep it warm. He loves the bright sun and weekly summer watering. Of course you will have to let the soil dry between the waterings.

tropical plants kentia

Tropical plants – Prayer plants

Prayer plants are plants tropical of interior with varied leaves. Cultivto this plant in a hanging container or encourage it to the horizontal order, if you prefer. This for That draggedand on shelves and long tables. Due to its shallow roots, the prayer plant should be in a container that is more width So deep.

tropical plants prayer

Nourish the plant every two weeks, from spring to autumn, with a universal fertilizer. For your irrigation it is preferable that you use warm and ambient water. Make sure i receive bright indirect light and have a well-drained soil with high humidity.

tropical plants plant prayer

Tropical plants – Orchids

The beautiful orchids are the most varied groups of plants that exist. This is because they come from all over the world. They are found in both deserts and forests. But the orchids that the vast majority of people seek the most are from tropical and subtropical climates. It is recommended that you try to avoid getting dry air, direct heat or drafts, and direct sunlight. A warm and humid environment is much more favorable.

tropical orchid plants

Tropical plants – Living room palm

ANDhis species Palm it is very appreciated for its resistance in the interiors. For the living room palm it is much better that it receives medium to indirect light, but not direct sunlight. Water it weekly and you will notice that tit has a impressive growth. It can reach heights of up to 182 centimeters indoors. It is worth mentioning that, although the living palm belongs to the same family of coconut palms, which produce edible fruits, the living palm develops fruits, but they are not edible.

tropical plants palm salon

Enjoy decorating your home with these beautiful tropical plants and you will see how much the environment and the appearance of your room change. If you need help, do not hesitate to consult an expert to guide you and guide you much more about maintenance.

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