Things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect sofa for your living room

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Decor : Things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect sofa for your living room

When decorating a living room, the first thing we must take into account is the space that we will have. From there it will be time to start looking for the furniture that best fits in that space. Within all the elements that will be part of it, one of the great protagonists will undoubtedly be the sofa. Not only because of its volume and visual weight, but also because it will be one of the most used pieces of furniture. Not only for sitting, but also for reading or as a makeshift bed for napping. Hence, your choice is very important, making the decision calmly and not buying the first thing we see. There are many models, you just have to visit the Maisons du Monde sofa section to realize them. But to make your search easier, today we want to talk about some keys that you should take into account.

Take into account the size of the room

The choice of the size of the sofa will depend on the space we have. You always have to try leave enough space to move around the room without problems. Starting from this premise, we recommend that you take the measures that we have to find our sofa that suits them.

If the space is very large, we can choose a multitude of different combinations, such as a 3-seater sofa and a 2-seater sofa, or a chaise longue. If the living room is small, taking advantage of an L-shaped or corner sofa will help us make better use of the space

If the dimensions are minimal, the ideal in these cases is to bet on a two seater sofa, with low backrest and forearms, and if possible, place it next to a window to make the most of natural light.

Living room comfort

Another thing to keep in mind is your comfort. Remember that you will spend a lot of time sitting on it, and that the last thing you want is for your whole body to hurt when you get up.

When looking for comfort, it is recommended that the seat be between 65 and 75 cm, while the height can range between 70 and 90 cm. In this way we ensure that the position we have is the most appropriate.

Sofa that lasts in time

When you buy a sofa, what you are looking for is something that will last you over time. It doesn’t go through your head to change it every few years. To get that, it is important to ensure that the chosen sofa has a sturdy structure. They are generally made of wood or metal. If you notice that the sofa is very light, it is most likely that its structure is not as strong as we might expect.

The choice of upholstery

spacious living room with sofas

Nor can we forget the type of upholstery that the sofa will have, especially if we have small children at home. Today there is a multitude of range of diverse fabrics that have all kinds of colors. When choosing the type of fabric, cotton is usually one of the most used thanks to its resistance. There is also the option of a leather sofa, a material that is perfect for all types of environments.

In the case of colors, if you are looking for something that combines with everything, bet on neutral colors. In this way you will guarantee a harmonious decoration with the rest of the furniture.

The budget is important

Once you have taken into account all of the above, and more or less you can be clear about the type of sofa that fits in your living room, what you should do is set a maximum budget for you of what you want to spend. You will be surprised to know the many cheap sofas that there are that have a great quality.

As we have already mentioned, the choice of sofa takes time to find the right one for our living room. Keep in mind these keys that we have discussed so that it is easier for you to find yours.

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