Thinking about reforming your house? You need a reform manager now!

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Thinking about reforming your house? You need a reform manager now!

How much will it cost me to reform my house? Will I be able to make a dressing room in my bedroom? Do I reshape an old house that is in a great neighborhood? What if I open the kitchen to the living room? ... these questions jump through your head when you find inspiration in magazines and websites, and new ideas for your home are awakened in your imagination. However the lack of time, the fear of how much reform will cost you, inexperience in hiring trades, laziness to seek technical or constructive solutions, come together to break all your dreams.

If you want to carry out renovation works and you do not know where to start, or you have already started and you are stuck, or you are hesitating between buying an old house and rehabilitating it or a new one and improving it, then, You need a project manager. Who is that professional? It is about un assistant tandPersonal technician, a "personal shopper" that, while designing, preparing, contracting and executing the reform in your name, you continue with your work, your family, your business, your plans and your hobbies.

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You hire a reform manager and you can go to sleep and dream about your brand new home. You will add value to your old house with the reform you have always wanted. The expense that you are going to add by hiring this service, you will end up saving it, because it is studied that reforms without management always cost you more money than you initially planned. With a comprehensive management, you will save between 20 and 40% of the final price. And you have gained time, because the recruitment of each trade is planned from the beginning, in such a way that you will not see extra weeks wrapped in dust and noise. Your reform manager can help you hire from a small warehouse repository where you can store your belongings for a few weeks, until the final complete cleaning of your home.

The project manager helps you with the design to prepare the budget of the reform of your house, it looks for the best options so that it is an exclusive work, with the quality that you need, within the term that you have, it is good planning in the price and time. It generates confidence, tranquility and ensures transparency. You will be at home controlling and monitoring each new installation, and that will make you feel very calm. Thanks to the technical experience, it has a great sense of smell to detect possible problems that may generate problems or unforeseen events, prevent them and solve them in time. You will enjoy the reform.


How is the Gestiof housing reforms in 4 steps:

1- First step, when you meet your manager: you show him your property, house, floor, room, office, account your ideas, show your inspiring photos, and something super important: you answer the million dollar question: How much can you spend on the reform of your home? The manager will become your right hand, in your personal technical assistant, so with the data you have, you will begin to advise you in a totally individualized and exclusive way.

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2- It will propose solutions and options and together you will sketch the design of the new spaces, facilities, materials, creating your reform project and your ideas and needs. Your personal technician will help you improve energy efficiency: this is to provide natural and artificial light, to optimize the air conditioning, all so you consume less energy.

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3- With the design create a draft budget, analyzing costs and risks, assess your urban needs, if you need a license if the reform is comprehensive and affects structure or façade, and prepare a dossier with the necessary documents.

With the draft budget, where all the constructive elements will be, the quantity and necessary measures, different companies will be asked for market quotes, at least 3. Your manager will study and compare the different offers, will propose you to value and budget contingencies, and will help you negotiate the hiring to choose the best and most suitable professionals, contractors, trades. It can accompany you to choose the materials, and can advise you so that You feel satisfied with your choice.

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4- During the execution of the work your reform manager will be your eyes: management, supervision and control of the work, it will review the billing and the advancement of the budget, and will contribute technical, constructive and design solutions to the inconveniences that may arise.

It will keep you informed of everything that happens in this regard, so you can be calm, because in the reforms act many people, and there are many details, and with your help You will be happy to reform your house.

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Never before reforming your house was that easy. What are you waiting for? Hire your integral reform manager to get the house of your dreams. Let others take charge and you, dedicate yourself to live life.

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