Tidy up your home with this add-on

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Tidy up your home with this add-on

Coat hanger

The hangers They are one of the best solutions, practical and comfortable to organize your home. From the entrance of the same to the kitchen and the rooms or the bathroom, you will need some hangers for different uses. Hence the importance of them is the key.

The good thing is that we will always find original and perfect options for each corner of our home. Today we leave you with some of them, as well as the most common types of hangers and the best tips so you can enjoy them. Always choose the ones that best match your stays!

Types of kitchen hangers

The kitchen is one of the most used places and therefore, we need to organize more frequently. Hence, we always have at our disposal a series of hangers more than perfect. The most used are the self-adhesive because in this way we will avoid boring the tiles or walls. Among the most common are metal hooks that bring a touch of light and combine with all kinds of decoration. Ideal for kitchen gloves or cloths. In the same way there are round ones that are under pressure and you just have to place one of the corners of the cloth in question and press. It will be perfectly integrated! Of course, on the other hand, we have the fridge-note holders, which have a magnet or adhesive.

Clothes hangers

Organize the clothes of the rooms and bathroom

Another of the best uses for this type of accessories is clothing. They keep us organized and for that, nothing like getting some clothes hangers for those smaller and also more modern rooms. As can happen in the bathroom, we can opt for a concrete hanger for doors or walls, or, a hanger as a bar and that allows us to hang several clothes at once. For the bedrooms we also have what are hangers and wheels that will be more than perfect.

Ikea bar hanger

Original ideas to dress your walls

It is clear that we will always find an option for every taste. From the individual and color hangers or the metal and door hangers. But still, every time the decoration world helps us find more original options. So a hanger or hanger as a tree branch is not too much in our home. Especially when it comes to a Ikea option and it is quite economical. For children's rooms you can also find animal or cartoon shapes, so that the little ones in the house also enjoy their own decoration.

Create your own recycled hangers

Of course, if you want to dress your home, because you need more space to hang your clothes or accessories but you don't want to spend, there is also a solution. In this case it will be to use some utensils for this purpose. For example the forks, slightly folding the handle part will be a unique and original hanger. The same as the handles or the knobs of the old doors, will also serve this purpose. If you are about to change the doors of the house, you can store this part of them and reuse them on a wooden board and as a hanger. You can do the same with keys. The fixed on a wooden board that will go to the wall and so that they remain as a hook, the keys must be given the rounded shape. You can always make use of things that we no longer use!

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