Tips for a modern decoration

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If you need to change the decoration of your home and get a new, beautiful and cozy space, in this article we are going to tell you what are the keys to getting a modern decoration and making your house look like new.

100% modern or mix. You choose.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that you decide if you want a strictly modern decoration or if you want to combine it with elements attached to other decorations but that can stick wonderfully well. So is. Modern decoration can be accompanied by vintage, minimalist, exotic elements, among others, and look absolutely perfect, being even more personal. As if you prefer a strictly modern type of decoration.

Enhance the lighting of the space

The natural light It is one of the most important aspects in any type of decoration, so it is essential and essential that you enhance this entry of light. To favor it, you can choose to change the type of curtain, either its length or thickness, but it is necessary that it does not cover the window so that all the available sun enters.

On the other hand, it will also be essential to care for the artificial lighting. Personally, I enjoy more with the combination of direct and indirect lights, so in each room I usually combine modern ceiling lamps with table lamps to have different light sources depending on the occasion or the activity you are doing.

Less is more

Modern decoration always tends to go hand in hand with this minimalist design rule, less is more, and it is that to get a space in which you want to be it is not necessary that you fill your house with infinite paintings, statues, or furniture. Optimize your space and bet on choosing what is strictly necessary, not accumulating and leaving free spaces to move calmly or to let your eyes rest.

In turn, the rule of less is more you will see that it will also help you get a much larger space, both in reality and in the sensation it generates. In this way, you will also get a brighter and more relaxing space.

The color of the walls

Colors are a fundamental part of any decoration and if we talk about the walls much more. As far as possible, avoid the gotelé. We know that it can come in handy to hide imperfections in the wall but, the moment you get tired, you will find yourself in front of the Escorial work because it is tremendously difficult to remove and requires a lot of work from professionals, so it suits you to come out of the eye of the face.

That said, focusing on color, the most common is to contribute by light tones for the walls. The most traditional is white, which brings more light to the room and increases the feeling of spaciousness, but you can also choose other shades such as a light beige that provides warmth or a soft pearl gray that is usually associated with elegance. This goes in taste but nothing of strong and flashy tones.

In case you want intense colours for your walls you have to assess whether it really is a large room with a good amount of light, if it will not seem much smaller than it is.

Characteristics of modern furniture

As we told you at the beginning of the article, you can combine the styles that you like the most and you do not have to choose all the modern furniture, if not combine it with some exotic or vintage or industrial, this suits your tastes.

The basic characteristics of modern furniture are furniture of straight lines, not ornate, very simple and that they can be monochromatic or combine two colors. Their quality will vary depending on the store, since you can find designs made of solid wood or chipboard.

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