Tips for creating an industrial kitchen

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Decor : Tips for creating an industrial kitchen

When designing an industrial kitchen for the preparation of food for a restaurant, hotel or similar, it is important to take into account certain things so that the work carried out in it is carried out without any problem. The distribution of space, the machinery that it should have or the furniture to use, are aspects that can never be overlooked when creating an industrial kitchen. For this reason, today we want to share with you all some tips that are very useful to make an industrial kitchen really functional.

Design the work area well

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The first of all will be to be clear about the design that the kitchen will have, so that it is as functional as possible. For this, it is important to identify the needs of the business, the type of food that will be given, the number of people who will work in it and the size of the space. With all this information it will be easier to design the spaces to be used. For example, in the case of breakfast, the churros maker should be close to the stove.

The ultimate goal is to have a design that reduces the processes and response times as much as possible.

Have the right machinery

When creating an industrial kitchen, it is also important to keep in mind the machinery that we are going to use and the space it will occupy. It is clear that the machinery that we will use will depend on the needs of the business, but there will always be certain basic equipment that cannot be missing. For example an industrial fryer, a griddle, a chest freezer or a vacuum packaging machine to waste as little food as possible.

Have good workspaces

In any industrial kitchen, it is easy for several people to work together. Each of them will need a comfortable space to be able to carry out their tasks efficiently. Having a good location and arrangement of work areas for staff surprisingly influences both business performance and the quality of the dishes prepared.

It is important to observe and analyze how each of the employees move within the kitchen, to determine those elements that can hinder or favor the performance of their tasks. In this way, you will be able to realize if it is necessary to make small changes to improve its operation.

Have storage space

If in a conventional kitchen having storage space is essential, in the case of an industrial kitchen this is even more important if possible. In addition to the fridge or a chest to store frozen food, it is important to have different spaces to store all the utensils that will be used to prepare the dishes. It will also be necessary to have space for plates, dishes and other utensils that will be used for the presentation of cooked food.

As we have seen, when creating an industrial kitchen, in addition to the distribution of space, having the appropriate machinery is essential to ensure that the work can be carried out optimally. If we can get these two premises right, we will have a long way to go to achieve a functional industrial kitchen.

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