Tips for decorating a small bathroom

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Decor : Tips for decorating a small bathroom

Just because a bathroom is small does not mean that it cannot be decorated to create a different and stylish space. In these small spaces, it is possible to place elements that, in addition to decorating, can help us to make the space appear larger. The key is to know how to choose those things that will be part of it, but always being clear that we must look for a functional bathroom. To achieve this, today we leave you some tips that can be of great help.

Choosing the right furniture

In any bathroom it is important to have space to store all those products that are used regularly in it. Due to space constraints, it is recommended that the furniture were tall instead of wide. In this sense, a bathroom column can be the perfect option since it will offer us a large space where we can store all kinds of things. It is up to us whether we want it to reach the ground or hang on the wall. In the latter case, it will facilitate cleaning the floor.

Install shower tray

If the bathroom does not have much space, the option of placing a bathtub is ruled out From the first moment. In its place we will install some of the many models of shower trays that we can find. Here it is also important to know how to choose the screen that we will install. As there is not much space, the best thing to do is a sliding door. Anything that is a hinged door, we should discard it.

Forget the bidet

Although there are still people who use it, the bidet is a toilet that is in disuse. In small bathrooms, it does not make sense to place it since it takes up valuable space that could either be used by a piece of furniture or left free to give a feeling of greater space.

Use of neutral colors

Everyone knows that light colors tend to feel more spacious, while dark colors create the opposite effect. In the case of small bathrooms, neutral hues should be chosen. Colors such as white, ivory or gray are perfect for this type of space. What can be done, is to give it is to break that monotony with a touch of color, but always without abusing it.

Install large mirrors

For many people, the key to any small bathroom is choosing the right mirror to be placed in it. You can opt for round shapes to create harmony with the rest of the space or for a classic square mirror. Regardless of the shape of the mirror, what is important is that it is large. In this way, the feeling of spaciousness will be greater.

Get the lighting right

Lighting plays a very important role in making a space appear larger than it is. Whenever possible, we must make the most of natural light. If not, we must place large lamps or LED lights that are responsible for illuminating all the corners.

In addition to the tips that we have left you, what others do you know that can work very well to decorate a small bathroom? Cheer up and share your comments with all of us. We are waiting for you!

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