Tips for the design of a unique garden

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Tips for the design of a unique garden

The design of gardens is a discipline that has taken shape in recent years, combining specialties as extraordinary as architecture, capable of creating unique spaces.

The main objective of garden design is to organize all the elements and select materials that combine to create the desired feeling, usually rest and relaxation.

Everyone wants to create landscapes and compositions that present a particular feeling and for this it is necessary to follow certain guidelines. We will list a series of tips that can help you to start your garden design project.

Reflect on what you want

In general, there are many ideas and expectations that are around the structure of a garden. A blanket of color guided by flowers or green grass dotted with figures ... anything goes but it is necessary to have things very clear to be able to develop the design work in a professional manner.


Another issue that takes time to identify is the location or location of the garden. It is important to take into account the wind and sun patterns, the garden needs to adapt to what these phenomena do during the different seasons of the year. The location influences the growth of the plants. The light and shadow duality must be perfectly balanced.

The magic of water

Water is the old trick of the popular Japanese garden. The water allows to develop very beautiful compositions with rocks and cane-like plants that provide calm, relax and calm. Water represents the material of life, the starting point of nature. You can also play with the harmonious sound of the water and design the structure so that the water falls and creates a pleasant sound composition.

Enter roads

Integrate roads, walkways ... offers a particular attraction for users. It stimulates the walk and they make of guide to know the surprise corners that can be added to the garden. You can experiment by tracing a path that narrows and widens or adds a curve to create visual interest.

LED lighting

Artificial lighting is very important, it must be adequate and functional, to provide a relaxing and at the same time safe and fun environment. Nowadays, there are so many ideas of functional lighting that you only need to find the one that is suitable for your garden, the led spotlights for garden have become a real trend.

Choose suitable plants

Plants are the key factor of the garden. It is useless to choose randomly so that not even a summer lasts. Native plants are an obvious choice. A good tip is to identify those that work well in other nearby gardens and take note. It is necessary to emphasize that all the gardens have their own microclimate of sun and shade, something basic for the plants.

Garden design projects strive to create spaces that work perfectly, are easy to maintain, durable and, above all, beautiful so that everyone can enjoy them.

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