Tips to decorate the winter bedroom with trends

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Decor : Tips to decorate the winter bedroom with trends

Winter bedroom

The bedroom is one of the places in the house that should give us the most warmth and a feeling of well-being, because it is the ultimate resting place. That is why in this case the decoration is aimed at feeling comfortable in this space of the house. During the fall and winter we usually change the decoration of the house to adapt it to the new season and the same happens with the bedroom.

We will give you some tips and trends to decorate the bedroom for this winter with ideas that help you create a totally cozy space. Discover some inspirations that will lead you to renew the decoration of the bedroom this season.

Renew your headboard

Textile headboard

The headboard of the bed has a lot of presence and is important in the decoration of the bedroom, since it is a part that frames the area of ​​the bed. A cozy headboard helps make the whole environment warmer. In this case we can add a new headboard for the bed with an upholstery that is beautiful, in warm tones or in wood, which is always warm and traditional. A new headboard can make your bedroom look totally different and is only a detail.

Hair rugs

Hair rug

During the winter what we want is a feeling of warmth. The floor is one of the areas where we need this warmth most, so we can add shag rugs. These types of rugs are ideal to give a more welcoming touch to floors, especially if they are tiled. In addition, they are a trend that we see a lot today, which comes to us thanks to the Nordic style. You can use a large rug under the bed or smaller rugs for the side of the bed.

Plaid bedding

Plaid bedding

We really like this print, especially because it reminds us of warm cabins in the woods. It is a pattern that returns every winter and that can help us give an autumn touch to our entire bedroom. When adding prints it is important that they be the protagonists, so if we add them to bedding it is better not to put patterned cushions or rugs so as not to overdo it. We can also decide to add this pattern only to some cushions that are placed on the bed.

The quilts are back

Printed bedspread

Although we have seen them for years, the truth is that quilts are becoming a trend again. Both the bedspreads bouti as the warmest and wintry. It may be a good idea to renovate your bedroom this winter, get a colorful bedspread that will get all the attention. There are many with all kinds of models and patterns, so it will be difficult to choose just one.

Blankets on the bed

Blankets for the bed

The blankets on the bed can be very functional, since the days when it is colder they serve as reinforcement. But they are also small details that they serve to dress the bed and give it a more welcoming touch. Extra thick knit blankets are a trend that we have seen for several years and that we really love, because they give a modern and special touch to the beds. But you can also add many other types of blankets such as thick, fur or patterned blankets. They become the ideal complement to dress the bed this winter.

Add wicker pieces

Wicker details

The wicker like wood brings warmth. In the bedroom you can add some interesting details such as wicker baskets to store the blankets and cushions. You can also put wicker lamps on the ceiling.

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