Tips to decorate your home following the Nordic style trend

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Decor : Tips to decorate your home following the Nordic style trend

For some years now, the Nordic style has become one of the decorative trends preferred by families when decorating their home. It is a style that transports us directly to the Nordic countries, countries where days are shorter and natural sunlight is scarce. Through this decorative style, what is sought to compensate for the lack of light and heat in homes, providing large doses of elegance. Over time it has evolved but always without forgetting its roots, a style that takes advantage of natural resources to offer a spectacular result.

Wallpaper for the walls

swedish decoration wallpaper

The first of the tips is intended to “dress” the walls of the house. The Nordic style is characterized by the use of light colors, where white is usually the most used since it is about shades that create a feeling of greater spaciousness, luminosity and warmth. That this is the case does not mean that we cannot use other elements to break with the decoration, for example, use Scandinavian-style wallpapers.

In this case, when choosing the paper, we must go for wallpapers in light tones, papers that will help us to gain luminosity and that will combine with the rest of the decoration. Although smooth papers are a sure hit, We cannot lose sight of those that have geometric motifs, lines and even floral prints. There is a wide range of Nordic-style wallpapers, you just have to find the one that best suits your tastes.

Make the most of natural light

At the beginning of our publication, we talked about the Nordic style being characterized by trying to make the most of natural light, a resource that is scarce in those countries and that can be considered a treasure. Because of this, all decoration should be focused on increasing clarity within the different areas, avoiding all kinds of objects that could block the entry of light from outside.

In this sense, we must forget about the use of bulky curtains, opting instead for light curtains. We must also bet on a minimalist decoration, avoiding placing elements in the middle of the rooms that prevent light from reaching all corners.

Once the natural light is gone, it is important to have good lighting, where the use of simple lamps will provide the light we may need.

Choice of furniture

nordic decoration

Another of the main characteristics that stand out in the Nordic style is that bet on minimalism. As you well know, in many cases less is more, and within the Nordic style this is fulfilled to perfection. For this reason, it is not advisable to abuse, always seeking to create larger spaces.

Furniture should be made of natural wood to create a feeling of greater warmth, in addition to being straight lines. We can always combine them with other more modern elements, such as metal, to achieve a more surprising result.

Use of natural materials

We have already commented on the importance of using natural materials to decorate following the Nordic style. Thus, in the case of textile elements, these should be made of some type of natural material such as linen, wool or cotton.

Natural plants

lilies swedish decoration

Finally, to give life and color to the home, we cannot forget the use of natural plants to decorate the different parts of the home. You must make sure that they are plants that do not require much light. Orchids, lilies or jasmine are perfect options for this type of decoration.

We hope that the advice that we have given you throughout our publication to decorate your home following the Nordic trend will be of great help. Now you only need to apply them to enjoy a simpler but elegant home.

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