Tips to eliminate moisture by capillarity

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Tips to eliminate moisture by capillarity

If you notice a humid environment in your home or in your premises and this phenomenon is accompanied by dark spots on the walls and chipping, then you have a problem of humidity by capillarity. But do not worry, this is a very common problem, especially frequent in ground floors, basements, old buildings and in areas exposed to rain or near water courses and that has several very effective solutions.

If you want to remove moisture by capillarity, in this article we explain what is moisture by capillarity and what simple tips to follow to eliminate it.

What is moisture by capillarity?

This type of moisture is a phenomenon associated with one of the properties of liquids, the capillarity. A property of fluids that causes them to rise or fall reaching different heights when in contact with a solid body. Thus, the subsoil waters gradually infiltrate through the walls, rising slowly.

In this ascension process, the water evaporates and crystallizes and remains retained inside the walls. If this humidity is uniform throughout the house, it is noticeable throughout the year and we notice the presence of saline efflorescences, then we will be faced with a humidity by capillarity.

A bad waterproofing of foundations and walls, a poor foundation, a incorrect drainage or a constant contact with the water table or with water coming from the rain or water pipes are some of the ultimate causes of this moisture by capillarity.

If this situation is not stopped, the water will continue to moisten the walls, saturate them and give way to the appearance of horrible dark spots, chipping and an unpleasant smell of moisture. The appearance of our house becomes neglected and not very welcoming, even becoming insane.

Effective tips to remove moisture by capillarity

Is this your problem? Has it become a hindrance to your daily life? Well, nothing better than taking note of these tips to cope with moisture.

  1. Put dehumidifiers

One of the first steps is to get a good dehumidifier to help extract water vapor and dry the room. Depending on its power and quality, moisture levels will be reduced by a percentage to a greater or lesser degree. It will also help to remove mold from the walls, stains, as well as condensation and the musty smell of the environment.

  1. Electroosmosis

This method consists in the emission of electric currents by means of electrodes capable of reverse polarity and get the water down instead of ascending and get capillarity removed. This solution is very simple and fast, in addition to not requiring works.

  1. Waterproof sheets

This is another of the simplest methods to end moisture by capillarity. This consists of introducing a waterproof sheet through a cross section at the base of the wall. It is ideal to prevent moisture in new buildings.

  1. Hygroconvectors

Using ceramic or plastic tubes, the hygroconvectors, it is possible to generate an air flow that removes moisture from the wall. This method is very effective, but keep in mind that it gives a lot of work.

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