Tips when buying a new construction home

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Decor : Tips when buying a new construction home

Taking the step and deciding to buy a property is one of the most important moments in the life of any person. Getting the choice right is very important, since we will spend a large part of our lives in that property. For this reason, it is important not to rush, but rather the opposite. It is advisable to take the time that is necessary to find the one that we have always dreamed of. Now, new construction or second-hand housing? In our post today, we will focus on the first of the cases, talking about its advantages and what should be taken into account before opting for one of them.

Advantage of acquiring a new construction home

When looking for new construction developments in Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona or any other place, we must bear in mind that these types of homes offer a series of advantages that others do not. Let’s see the most important:


When buying the house off plan, and not being built, it is possible to make certain modifications to adapt it more to our tastes. Thus, you can expand the rooms or modify the bathroom, to give a few examples.

Ready to move in

As it is a new construction, we will have the guarantee that when they give us the keys, the property will be ready to inhabit it from the first moment.

Efficiency and sustainability

Most of the flats and houses that are built today, are very aware of the importance of energy efficiency, as well as sustainability, using materials that are respectful with the environment.

The latest technology

Another of the usual things in new constructions is to bet on the home automation that seeks to facilitate people’s daily lives.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing a new build home

If you have already decided that a new construction home is what you want, here are some things to keep in mind before taking the step of buying.

Know the path of the promoter

With the brick crisis suffered a few years ago, there were many who, after buying an off-plan home, saw how it was left halfway through building due to the construction company problems. For this reason, it is important to find information about the company and check how they have worked on previous projects. It is also important to find out if the project has an approved firm building license.

Know well what is signed

During the purchase process, it will be normal to sign a series of documents that certify that we want to keep that home. Here the important thing is to read all that information well and request clarification of the points that are not completely clear. In these documents you have to aspects such as the location of the construction, the chosen home, the qualities that the apartment or house will have, the payment plan or what would happen to that money if the promotion finally did not see the light or the interested party regretted it.

Request all project documentation

When we talk about documentation we are referring to the plans of the house, the quality report or any other document that may be of use to us in the event of having to claim in the future. In addition to this, it will also be necessary request the developer the certificate of completion, the first occupancy license and the habitability certificate, documents necessary to register basic services such as water or electricity.

Contributions should be insured

When acquiring a new construction home, it is common for the buyer to make periodic payments until the property is delivered. In this case, it is important to demand a guarantee from the promoter to ensure those contributions made so as not to lose money in case of problems. There is currently a Building Planning Law in which it is established that the promoter is only obliged to insure the quantities delivered from the building license. If money has been delivered previously, it would not be insured unless the guarantee we have discussed is requested.

Claim the damages

As in any work, once the house is delivered, the owner must have the opportunity to claim any detected damage, or any other that may appear during a certain time. Similarly, you should have insurance to protect on issues related to the structure. This insurance should be valid for 10 years from the delivery of the property.

In addition to what we have seen throughout the publication, what other things do you think should be highlighted about this type of housing? Cheer up and share your comments with all of us. We are waiting for you!

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