Tips when designing a waiting room

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Tips when designing a waiting room

If you have an establishment where your customers should wait in a room to be served, the ideal is that the room is as cozy as possible. This will improve the user experience, which ultimately results in higher revenue.. Many people often neglect this aspect without giving it importance, and offer in their businesses cold and neglected waiting rooms. When, with a few simple details such as a comfortable bench waiting room, well-chosen colors and some entertainment, the matter can be greatly improved. In this article we give you a few tips that you can apply when designing the ideal waiting room.

Choose colors properly

Choosing both the color of the furniture, as that of the walls and accessories may seem somewhat trivial, but in the case of a waiting room it is super important since they have a direct effect on the mood of your customers. If, for example, you work in the health sector (doctor or dentist's office) try to choose relaxing and soothing colors like green or blue, with a touch of pastel pink to make it contrast. As for its meaning, blue denotes honesty and security, while green conveys calm.

If, on the other hand, the waiting room is for an office, I recommend scalloped colors such as pale pink which denotes to your customers that they will be pampered. Eye with the bright colors, since on many occasions they transmit anxiety. Nothing to use strong reds or radiant yellows.

When choosing colors don't forget your corporate colors, since displaying them in the waiting room will reinforce your brand image. If you are not sure which colors will work best, be sure to ask for fabric samples to see how they will look in the room with adequate lighting.

Adequate furniture

When it comes to furnishing your waiting room, without doubt the most important aspect is the space. Make sure your room does not look like a can of sardines, with all the seats crammed. All your clients must have their personal space avoiding touching each other. To decide how many seats you need, consider how many you will need on the busiest day you can imagine. To those seats, a few more to not fall short. Mind you, also consider the empty space in the room. Your clients should be able to walk and walk around the room freely with nothing that bothers them.

You can decide both for individual chairs, as for benches for waiting rooms. What you should consider is that they are comfortable, above all. They are well padded and that allow the client to sit comfortably for a long time.

As for the distribution, avoid placing seats whose back is facing any door. This does not like anyone, because it gives a sense of uncertainty. As much as possible, make all the seats face the door and that customers can establish contact with each other.

Take care of the environment

Using natural light is always a good idea.. So, as far as possible, place your waiting room in a room with windows (the wider the better). Artificial light irritates more than natural light, and that can affect the mood of your customers.

On the other hand, you should try to lighten the wait of your customers. How? Offer them some entertainment. Magazines are always fine, as long as they are updated. But what do you want me to say, we are in the 21st century and you can count on something different, such as tablets with pre-installed apps and games to entertain. Offer something new. Innova

I hope these tips have helped you to design the waiting room of your business. Have you implemented any of them? Would you add any more? Do not cut yourself and tell us!

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