TOP advertising gifts for architects

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Decor : TOP advertising gifts for architects

Advertising gifts have always stood out as one of the best options when promoting any type of business. There are many options that we can find, which makes it easier for every company to find what to surprise its customers with. The world of architecture is not alien to this practice, now, what promotional items can we find for this sector? Below we have compiled a series of articles that we think are top as promotional gifts for architects.

Custom pens

custom pens

Yes there are a gift that always comes in handy, are the pens. They are a classic but they never go out of style. They are perfect to always carry them with you to write or fill out any type of document. There are many options, from the most classic to those that we bring you and that are made of bamboo.

Wireless charging mouse pad

wireless charging mouse pad

We live in a society where we are continuously using the computer, either for work or for some leisure activity. In this sense, the mouse is an important factor for a more comfortable use, and to achieve this, nothing like using a good non-slip mat. But if we want it to be even better, nothing like betting on one that has wireless charging. In this way, our mobile device can be charged while we use it.

Security vest

security vest

On many occasions, for whatever reasons, it is necessary to make us see to avoid possible accidents. To achieve this, nothing like wearing a reflective safety vest. A useful gift from which you can get a lot out of it.

Bluetooth speaker

bluetooth speaker

Music is something that everyone likes. For this reason, a bluetooth speaker can be the perfect gift to be able to listen to your favorite music anywhere, whether at work or while cooking.

Flashlight with USB charger

mini flashlight with usb charger

Who has not missed a flashlight when they have run out of light at home or when they have had to look for something in dark places? Today it is possible enjoy small lanterns that offer great lighting power, and best of all, they do not need batteries, but can be charged via USB. A very useful gift that always comes in handy.

Ecological lunch box

straw lunch box

Many people eat away from home every day at their jobs. In those cases, the use of the lunch box is essential to carry food. For this reason, giving a lunch box can be a good option, especially if it is a eco-friendly product that is respectful of the environment.



We are continuously using our mobile, so it is common to run out of battery at the most inopportune moments and when we are away from home. To avoid these situations, having a powerbank can be of great help, since thanks to it, you can charge the mobile battery when we need it.

Pen drive

pen drive

Finally, another classic for some time. A USB memory that allows you to carry all kinds of documents anywhere without having to carry your computer.

As we have seen, there are many options and others that we have left in the pipeline. The final choice will depend on what we have in mind to surprise and the budget we want to invest. But the most important thing is that the chosen products are very useful so that they do not end up at the bottom of some forgotten drawer.

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