Trampolines to keep bouncing

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Trampolines to keep bouncing

Elastic beds

Kangui brand trampoline

Trampolines provide Hours and hours of fun. Placed in the garden can also be used for both large and small to exercise daily. Because aerobic training is not something just for children and more and more adults are finding a great ally to be fit in the trampoline.

To place a trampoline is necessary, yes, a Large space and a flat floor. It is essential to leave a security perimeter of 2 meters around the structure and have a free space of about 7 meters on the bed. Do calculations!

Reasons to place a trampoline in your garden

There are many reasons to clocar a trampoline in the garden. Entertaining the little ones is usually the main reason to buy and place it. However, there are also compelling reasons for us adults to use it.

Elastic beds

Trampolines from Ultrasport

  • It's fun: Have you jumped in a bouncy castle? Why did you do it? Probably for fun, because time flies when you have fun. That should be the main reason to install a trampoline in the garden.
  • It is a way of exercising: It can also be a fun way to exercise. According to NASA's Division of Biomechanics Research, jumping on this device for 10 minutes is equivalent to having made a 30-minute run.
  • Low impact: Have you been warned of the negative consequences of high-impact exercises such as running or squatting? Jumping on the trampoline can be an alternative to inject a dose of cardiovascular activity into your training routine without forcing the lower limbs and joints. Did you know that the trampoline maintains a cardiovascular approach reducing the impact by 40%?
  • Improve balance: During training on the trampoline, you should become aware of your center of balance due to the unstable nature of the floor. This awareness will make you focus especially during the jumps and the realization of certain positions. By practicing these you will improve your motor and coordination skills.
Elastic beds

Trampolines (left) trampoline beds (left)

Features that the trampoline should have

Several characteristics influence the choice of your trampoline; from size to safety measures to make it safe for the whole family. Who are you going to use the trampoline? What quality standards should we demand? Knowing how to answer these questions is key to making the best decision

  • Size: The size of the trampoline is related to the weight it supports and the bounce capacity. Also with the age at which it is intended; trampolines for children can have a diameter between 1.40 and 4 meters.
  • Structure and materials: Galvanized structures give the trampoline a much longer lifespan, thanks to the anti-corrosion layer that applies it. They are especially interesting when you want to install the bed in an outdoor space. In the same way, it will be important to ensure that the rebound canvas is sturdy and has strong seams to hold it firmly to the springs. The number and size of the springs is also a guarantee of quality; a good proportion are 72 springs for a trampoline of 4 m in diameter.
  • Security: The frame must be protected with pads to prevent accidents during use. The quality and thickness of the protective foam provides better protection to the users, as well as the material of its coating, which will make it more durable. Attention must also be paid to the safety net; It must be made of a flexible and elastic material to absorb shock.
  • Quality Standards: It is important that this type of product complies with internationally established standards. Buy them at a trusted store to avoid scares.
Jump'in Spain trampolines

Trampolines Jump’in Spain

This is a good time to make decisions regarding the best of outdoor spaces since we can afford to calmly meditate on each choice. If you are determined to buy a trampoline, Alice´s Garden, Kangui, Ultrasport, Cardiojump, Jumps Trampolines, SixBross or Hudora are some of the brands that sell them. Check the different models and decide!

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