Transform your room with a new bed plaid

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Transform your room with a new bed plaid

Plaid bed

That which for years we have called blanket, sofa blanket, travel blanket ... that is what is now known as plaid. A soft and light blanket we have traditionally used in different areas of the house such as the living room, the bedroom or the reading corner to warm us during the winter and convey a sense of warmth.

Versatile and relatively economical, this textile accessory has become a fantastic tool for change the look of a certain room. In the bedroom you can use the bed plaid in different ways in order to create a cozy, more or less relaxed atmosphere.

The plaid have two purposes in the bedroom. The first is decorative. A at the foot of the bed or collected in a basket, bring a cozy air to the bedroom. The second is a practical purpose; wrap up during the coldest days while watching TV or reading, for example.


Plaids according to the fabric

Plaids are on the market in a wide range of fabrics. Wool, mohair, cotton and chenilla are some of the most popular. Why choose? Before doing it for one or the other, think what will be the use you are going to give it, where will you put it and which one will fit best with the rest of the decoration. Bet on those who bring warmth and harmony to your bedroom.

  • Wool: Warm and with a good insulating and thermal capacity, with some of the most popular. In addition to those made of common wool, you will find designs of alpaca, merino or cashmere wool. The latter are the most coveted but also the most expensive.
  • Mohair: Mohair is the fiber from the hair of the Angora goat. It is lighter than wool, softer and has a nice shine.
  • Cotton: It is breathable, soft and lightweight. It does not hold as much as wool but in places or temperate times it is a very good option.
  • Chenilla: The chenille is a plush fabric of very colorful silk and wool fibers. The plaids made in this material are lightweight and fit perfectly in hippy and boho environments. They do not shelter as much as the previous ones, which can be an advantage in warm bedrooms.
  • Hair: This type of plaids are linked to Nordic environments. They provide a warm and welcoming touch where they are located.
  • Fleece: It is a soft and warm synthetic material, but less resistant than cotton.

How to place it?

With the guidelines that we share today with you, you can dress your bedroom like a real stylist. How? Using plaids to incorporate contrasts of textures and tones that transform the bedroom. The best advice for this is to start with white sheets and play with the color in quilts and plaids that contrast with the previous ones. In addition, it will help you to know how to place these. In the feet? In the corner? Everything will depend on the style you are looking for.

  • At the feet: One of the most classic alternatives is to place the plaid at the foot of the bed, along, letting it fall down the sides. To get the Classic, elegant and warm style that this version contributes to the bedroom, you will have to measure well the width of the bed, the height of the sofa and think about how much you would like the fall to be. Only then you can buy the perfect plaid. Another classic option, although more informal, is to place the plaid in the same position but in the central part of the bed.

Plaid bed

  • In a corner: "Drop" the plaid on one of the corners of the bed is another of the stylistic trends with greater prominence in the editorial design. Place it in that corner of the foot of the bed towards which you want to draw attention, slightly bent in the center. Simple, relaxed and stylish.

Corner plaid

  • Some on others: Placing more than one bed plaid on the bedspread is a great way to shelter the bedroom in winter. You can place them stretched on top of each other, letting each one poke 15-30 cm. under the next. Or better yet, take advantage of the fact that sloppy and messy style It is a tendency to let them fall on each other without apparent meaning. Whichever option you choose, choose plaids with different textures, in complementary colors or different shades of the same color.

Plaid bed

  • In a basket: Place one on the bed and let the rest rest in a wicker basket or a wooden bench by the foot of the bed. You can take hold of them if it refreshes and bring much warmth to the bedroom by combining these with other natural elements.

Invest in a plaid and change the appearance of your bedroom for very little. Doing so, as you have seen, can not be easier.

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