Trends color 2019 – What are the trends according to the designers –

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Trends color 2019 - What are the trends according to the designers -

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<p style=A guide to current trends and fashion palettes according to experts is the subject we are discussing today. In the photos we show you ideas of the best designers and designs that show the Trends Color 2019 for the interior.

The 2019 color trends and interior styles will mostly remain on the same lines, and we will forget many new features until the middle of the year. But global fashion has just arrived at our reality. We have prepared for you advice from designers and specialists on the use of fashionable colors in the interior.

Trends color 2019 a space designed by Matthew Cane


Trends color 2019 - A simple style with light colors is the first trend

Laconic interiors may not have been the best idea a few years ago, but we will see them very often during 2019. Designers all over the world are asking us to renounce excesses in favor of what is needed. We must stop buying new appliances simply because the line was updated and the house filled with things that have no practical or emotional significance.

The good design is a discreet design, it can be said that this will be the motto of this year. At the same time, there is no need to enter into asceticism: it is possible and necessary to buy "timeless" art, to protect family values. The laconic life will only activate items that are really expensive for the owner.

Trends color 2019 a living room designed by Becky Shea


2019 implies the rational use of any resource, welcomes healthy minimalism. Crafts, art and new technologies will continue to be appreciated. Fresh minimalism will be replaced by a style that is free of visual absence. So far it has no name, but they will be spaces, free and comfortable at the same time. Perhaps the correct description of this phenomenon will be something like rational laconic.

A kitchen designed by Rise Projects


It sounds convincing, but the economic component is also important: it is necessary to save.

All trends are reduced to simplification and minimalism. It is very possible that the reason is the financial crisis, which has affected the whole world. People want to live beautifully, but the possibilities and salaries are not the same, hence the change in market demand. In 2019, most customers will adapt the interior to the budget, make significant commitments.

An apartment designed by Lena Budantseva


Choosing a paint color is one of the most impactful design decisions you can make. It is up to your choice of tone to set the tone for the entire room we do not want to pressure you but this is the reality Every year, paint suppliers such as Benjamin Moore, Behr and Sherwin Williams select a color to give you guidance on the tones you are about to see everywhere, but we keep giving them some more information on the subject.


The trend will touch and reduce the space of the apartments, this will change the design. We are talking about the rooms that are used as play areas or have been left without any use and have been converted into attics. Not surprisingly, because the property is very expensive, but in reality these areas are not necessary: ​​they use an isolated cabinet once every five years, and children still spend time in the living room, even if there is a playroom. The most important thing is not the area, but how it is involved. According to our observations, the simplicity of the forms will prevail in planning decisions.

Living room designed by Andrea Chicharo

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<p style=This year will be defined by the search for reason and ergonomic logic in space. The trend in the design is to create a kitchen or bedroom living room with ergonomic and functional zoning. The main thing is the minimum of useless objects. Instead of the usual blank walls, light interior designs made of wood slats, metal bars and glass are becoming more common. In this way, unexpected color is added to the design.

Dining room designed by Mancastudio

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<p style=If you like the trend of light colors, the shades of green blue and light pink will be very modern. How would you use the clearings in the interior design?

These shades are ideal for sophisticated living rooms and high open spaces. The blue in all its shades will combine perfectly with soft gray curtains to create an elegant look inspired by the beauty of the sky.


The muted colors give you the opportunity to highlight the furniture. You can paint a living room in light pink or light yellow blue and furnish it with a mix of mahogany and gold antiques, taffeta curtain panels and some modern and sculptural lighting pieces to keep it from looking too old. These colors are ideas to look at the moldings in a formal dining room. They are clear enough to create a warm atmosphere without being shocking.

A house designed by Saab Architects

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<p style=We have not mentioned it but in this trend also comes neutral gray. We advise you to use this color in a bedroom and paint everything (the doors, moldings, ceiling, etc.) to create a masculine sensation. This is a great color for a living room or an entrance, as the walls almost disappear and the furniture speaks for itself. Art always goes very well on the walls with a soft gray!

Living room designed by Robert Nichol and Sons

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<h3 style=Color Trends 2019 How to use the color of the clay inside?

Another trendy color will be the color of the clay but a lighter shade. You can use it in a library with a combination of leather seats, light oak pieces and bright chrome accessories to refresh it. Or also in a dressing table with a wallpaper with floral stage from floor to ceiling. This warm and earthy tone would look stellar in a breakfast nook or in a room full of art. This has a lot of warmth, so try to have furniture turned off with this color.

Living room designed by Dspace Studio


Terracotta is fashionable at the moment, but if you're not bold enough to paint a quarter of this color, you can consider it as the color for a kitchen dashboard or an accent color. We love a dusty terracotta color! Because this color is intense, this is why it should be used sparingly. The terracotta color matches very well with beige and eggplant.

Dining room designed Inclined Studio


Customers are increasingly asking that indoor furniture can be used for various things and that in general the design can be easily transformed it seems that this trend will become even more popular this year. Movement is an important issue to understand how the living space should be. Living interiors, in which, if you wish, you can change the setting and, consequently, the mood. The future is for a changing interior! The trend will be simple and functional interiors with a fairly wide use of: folding and sliding doors, transforming furniture.

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<h3 style=Trends color 2019 - Invisible kitchens

Technologically and stylistically, the kitchen is still a guide for progress. The trend of fashion is that the kitchen is completely invisible, and all functions can be controlled from appliances. But at the moment, there are few who can afford it due to the price. The kitchens will be made even less remarkable with mobile countertops that cover the work surface, magnetic facades that turn the kitchen into the space you want!


2019 color trends How would you embrace the light blue color in the kitchen?

The blue color in a clear shade would be ideal for a kitchen island and / or kitchen cabinets. It can be combined with a marble countertop and brass lighting fixtures to complete the look. You can also paint furniture for children of this color and combine them with different shades of green and pink throughout the space. Or paint a complete hallway (including ornaments, doors, walls, etc.) in a shade of blue to add a lot of drama and personality to the space.

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<p style=A shade of blue that is a combination of gray and blue-green can be either bold or neutral. It looks great with light mint, earth tones and cool grays, practically any color! You can use this color in a master bedroom against warm metals and vibrant textiles. This is impressive when combined with warm brass tones, classic gray Carerra marble or the promising Nero Marquia marble.


2019 color trends Are you noticing the movement towards more complex earth tones over crisp and colorful?

The use of shades of brown makes a direct reference to the 80s and then trends that were bold and bright. The color trend of white and gray paint is coming to an end soon. We are hungry for more color. Absolutely remarkable is the change towards richer, deeper and more saturated colors because it translates into more cozy spaces that make you want to stay.

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<p style=People are definitely moving away from rigid neutrals with splashes of color. We are embracing that color is more basic than an accent this year. People choose not to paint the whole house in their place, they are choosing plaster techniques for some walls in combination with wallpaper.

We will see many shades of pink and brown during the last year, but I think there will be a change towards colder colors, gray, dusty blue, soft purple.


Color Trends 2019 How do you feel about the color of the Pantone year: Live coral? How do you plan to use it?

"Living coral" embodies the movement towards the adoption of bright colors in more significant forms in design. You can use this color on the ceiling of a dining room with white panels to animate the space! Another idea is to re-upholster furniture in this color, such as the sofa to invite spring. It is the most beautiful color that makes any room stand out.

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<p style=Who does not like coral tones, especially in cold places. It is perfect for a north facing room to heat the space and make it attractive and in places like a library, a bedroom or an entrance. I would balance the shadow with fuchsia, pink and orange outbursts of furniture and accessories.


Everyone is excited by the choice of Pantone is fun and nostalgic. The most important thing is that it reminds us of some of the environmental problems facing our coral reefs and our planet in general. I would love to make a restaurant, an office, a commercial space or even a summer house using this color with minimalist monochromatic accessories.


There is an impulse towards violets and lilacs. Ombré-style walls remain strong and micro-concrete finishes will continue to be popular. Paint selections with a high gloss finish are seen, it simply makes the room look so high. If you add color to a high gloss finish, it's even better. Do not be afraid of the color. Opt for the use of paint in unconventional areas, such as ceilings, moldings and half walls.


Another trend is not a color but a texture, like Venetian plaster, stucco more elaborated with much movement, textures in relief and wallpaper of white texture, which is generally used to paint, but we skip the last step.


Along with the development of technology, we look at the retro style. If a couple of years ago we were inspired only by mid-century modern ones, in 2019 we can expect a renaissance from the 70s and up to 80s in interior design. But this will be a new and elegant reading of characteristic forms of the middle of the last century.

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<p style=The style of the 70s is gaining momentum. Combinations of juicy colors, furniture of aerodynamic shapes, brass in the decoration and lamps, ornaments in textiles as well as lines and clear and contrasted forms, a mixture of geometric ornaments, open and bright colors.

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