Trends in bathroom tiles in 2021 that you should know

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Decor : Trends in bathroom tiles in 2021 that you should know

Getting the tiles to decorate the different spaces of the home can be a daunting task due to the quantity and quality of the materials used. Fortunately, there are sites specialized in this type of article that can provide us with the information, as well as the final product so that with a single click we can already have it.

The best bathroom tile options

bathroom tile trends

Due to the large number of variants, selecting a tile for the bathroom can be a complicated task, which is why we bring the best collection of bathroom tiles. A brief review of the best performance tiles so that you can appreciate and enjoy every time you enter your bathroom.

Ceramic tiles are still a classic bet, due to the value for money they offer, in addition to the decorative finish they present. On the other hand, they are easy to clean and are very resistant to heat.

But if you are looking for something more extravagant and revolutionary, then what you need is porcelain stoneware, which has an extraordinary ability to imitate all kinds of textures, as many as your imagination allows, such as the marble effect or the stone effect.

Models that have become a trend

Bathroom tiles with bold colors

The Kaleido series it is fantastic for covering walls, due to its incredible geometric designs and bold colors that capture the light and create an atmosphere of general warmth in the space. Both in wall tiles and flooring, the hue of the porcelain material has a palette of primary colors with a soft wooden background, which combines with purples or blues to offer an attractive proposal for the five senses.

This type of design is inspired by wooden building block sets, so it is ideal for cladding a playroom or children’s rooms.

Bathroom tiles with serene and minimalist designs

Infused in a type of Norwegian slate, Lavik is a tile that resembles stone or concrete, with very fine sediments that appear to simulate a three-dimensional effect. This porcelain tile with a monochromatic base with grayish palettes on one side, and with a relief of ripples of great visual beauty on the other, It is one of the coatings that can be used for your spaces with the aim of giving them a subtle but elegant beauty at the same time.

This collection gives off a very serene minimalist design, which is a trend today, which is why it is in high demand for covering spaces such as offices or studios. The Lavik is undoubtedly a highly recommended piece to acquire, mainly due to the resistance of the materials, which have durable qualities, as well as offering a harmonious design.. In addition, thanks to their chromatic color palette, these tiles are optimal for decorating all types of spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Hydraulic tiles with decorative elements

If contemporary hydraulic tiles are what you need, then Musa may be the best for you. These tiles have the essence of the most classic floors, which follow a continuous modular pattern, Musa tiles are excellent for covering spaces to which you want to give strength and class. The repetition of these laid tiles generates a hypnotic effect and can become the center of attention in any space in which they are placed, the result of their beautiful and classic period designs.

Musa is an ideal product to place in the main living room of the home, since by its design and geometric games it can dominate the attention of all present, recreating a clean and elegant area. Musa tiles come in three colors, Musa Gray, Musa Blue and Musa Mix, and can be found in different sizes to meet all expectations.

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