Trends in bathrooms to enjoy a unique area

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Decor : Trends in bathrooms to enjoy a unique area

Bathrooms have become one of the most important areas of the house in recent years. You just have to think that it is the space where we usually start the day, as well as becoming the perfect refuge to relax and release tension after a long working day. The era of simple designs is behind us. Now families seek to create a unique and different space, full of all the necessary comfort and always with the latest trend in decoration. As we know about the importance of this area of ​​the house, today we want to tell you about some of the most important trends when it comes to dressing it.

Bathroom furniture

bathroom trends

When it comes to talking about bathroom trends, we will start by talking about bathroom furniture, a fundamental part of any decoration to have everything well organized. In this sense, the trend is towards minimalist furniture with simple lines, where the bathroom furniture wall-hung units, countertop washbasin units and bathroom furniture double breasts have been going strong for years. Wood or wood finishes is the material that will take center stage to give a feeling of warmth when entering.

White furniture has become a favorite, a color that will help reflect light, enhancing clarity and a feeling of spaciousness.

Hitting the bathroom screen

When we talk about bathroom screens, we can find both shower and bathtub, although at the moment of truth, they all offer the same functionality: prevent water from spreading all over the floor. There are many designs, but at the moment of truth, the most used are those that help to maximize space, and in this sense, sliding door screens are the best option that we can find.

Focusing on the material in which they will be manufactured, the transparent crystal it is being the most demanded by people. A material that is responsible for providing a modern touch and that combines perfectly with any style, in addition to maximize luminosity. If we focus on the profiles, the black color is setting the trend, but we can never forget the classic silver color that offers such a good game.

Shower trays

Although bathtubs are still being installed, it is increasingly common to forget about them and opt for shower trays, an element that offers greater comfort when being used. Until very recently, the usual was the typical porcelain shower tray, but in recent years new materials are the ones that are setting trends, and will continue to do so. Resin or natural stone shower trays are becoming more and more common.

In the case of color, the most common is to choose one that combines with the rest of the decoration, and in this sense, black and white are usually options with which you never fail. Colors that are always trending and that will never go out of style.


Finally, we want to talk to you about the sinks, an element that cannot be missing in any bathroom. Among the options that we can find, the countertop washbasins with one of the great trends in recent years, and that will continue to be seen in most homes. When choosing the material, it will be sought to be a resistant and timeless product, looking for it to be out of date in a short time.

In addition to what we have seen throughout our post today, what other things do you think are important to create a unique bathroom? Cheer up and share your comments with all of us. We are waiting for you!

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