Trends in kitchens for 2021

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Decor : Trends in kitchens for 2021

We start 2021 with new purposes and ideas, and what better way than to apply them in our particular temple, that is, our home. And as you know, in this interior decoration, trends change every year. Can you think of a better idea than to put them into practice as a new year begins? Surely not! In this article you we will talk about what is going to be in the kitchen decoration for next season, and what should not be missing if you want to be up to date.

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Intense colours

kitchen trends 2021 colors

One of the trends that we could already see in 2020 and that will undoubtedly be very present in 2021, are intense colors for kitchens. After times in which drawers, cabinets and countertops, the more neutral the better, we move on to a color festival in which contrasts and personality prevail. Be careful, you don’t have to go crazy either. Always choose colors that match the current furniture in your kitchen and that are not too garish. In fashion are navy blue, forest green and turquoise.

Mix of textures

kitchen trends 2021

For this season, the ideal is to mix different materials to compose the kitchen. We talk about wood, bamboo, granite, stone, concrete, tiles, vinyls, metals, acrylics … Everything that comes to mind to make your kitchen look ideal. With this we are not saying that you put elements of different materials just because. Always look for functionality and that is consistent with the environment.

In 2021, the key material will be porcelain terrazzo.

Concrete floors

kitchen trends 2021 concrete

Concrete is a material that has come to stay in the most avant-garde kitchen floors. It conveys a feeling of neatness and elegance, not to mention that it is cleaned very, very easily. And if you also combine it with wooden furniture, the result is totally captivating and sophisticated. If you are into industrial and you don’t know how to apply it, start with a polished concrete floor. You will not regret.

Different sinks

kitchen trends 2021 sink

And finally, we want to finish with a kitchen accessory that is rarely talked about and that is one of the most necessary at the time of day to day. Indeed, we are talking about the sink. And it is time to retire the old stainless steel sink for replace it with something more risky, both in color, in shape and even in material. Nowadays there are white, black and even gold sinks that, depending on the furniture in your kitchen, can be fetén. Not to mention that there are even stone ones, much more resistant than the classics. Take risks with the sink and you will see that the kitchen will look much more modern and current.

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