Tricks to organize it and get the most out of it

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Tricks to organize it and get the most out of it

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We always have a place to place all food. The pantry organization It is always one of the key points so that we can make the most of it and that no food can be left behind and expires. That is why so that this does not happen, we must always take some precautions.

Sometimes we go out to buy and we already bring things that we have, this is because without a doubt, the pantry is made a little mess and we must organize it. So that way we can better plan all meals, which also saves us money. If all this is a kind of spiral that we must keep under control!

Empty everything and clean the pantry

The first step is always to start at the beginning. This tells us that we need to know what we have at home and check the expiration dates. To do this, nothing like emptying all shelves or cupboards and cleaning well. Of course, we will throw away all those products that are expired and we leave the others to be able to organize them in a correct way.

Use jars and labels

Surely you find several pasta packages: both macaroni and spirals or other varieties that are not few. Well, all those packages can stay in some corner and not see them correctly. Hence, this type of dry food is best organized in glass jars. So that all will be well organized and also, we will add a label to give it the original touch and also, unequivocal of what is in each of those boats.

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Organize by types of food

The idea of ​​being able to take advantage of a good pantry is that everything is in order. Chaos we do not want in our lives and less, in our kitchen. That is why in this case, it is best to make such an organization by types of food. It is useless to have each one by his side, if we are talking about order. Always place the heaviest on lower shelves and the lightest on the high. Each shelf of your pantry could be destined for a type, or two, of the same foods. It will always be based on the size of your kitchen.

Those that expire soon, always ahead

Surely this had already occurred to you. Well, still you should always remember that at the time of Go shopping, the new will go back. It is a simple gesture that will not take us much time, but it will save us more than a disgust. What is about to expire, then it will be placed in front, so that we see it before and can consume it. Of course, what you can do is always make a shopping list, so as not to bring more food than necessary. It is true that we always want to have a home base, in case one day something comes up and we can't go shopping, but you always have to do it little by little.

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Help yourself with boxes

In addition to the jars, you can always unleash creativity. That is why in this case you can get some boxes and place in them everything you need. So that the pantry is much more collected than we could imagine. But yes, in the boxes, the products will also be ordered always placing the similar ones together. In addition, it would not hurt the add tags to each box. Because in this way, we would always go for sure, without having to spend several minutes looking and searching. Do you follow some tips like these when it comes to organizing?

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