Two new vertical gardens in Alicante designed by Ignacio Solano

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Two new vertical gardens in Alicante designed by Ignacio Solano

Ignacio Solano is known throughout the world for the design of vertical gardens. His works can be found scattered throughout the globe. For example, the largest vertical garden in Bolivia or a vertical garden for a restaurant in London. Recently he has just designed two other gardens in the province of Alicante. One in the same city of Alicante and another in Guardamar del Segura. These spaces, in addition to providing beauty, also provide oxygen and environmental benefits.

Vertical garden in Alicante


In the heart of the Alicante capital, next to the Plaza de Luceros, is where we can find the first of the gardens. It is a commission from Adoras arquitectura. It consists of 60 square meters and in its creation it has used 2,000 plants from 7 different families, such as the Lavendula dentata wave Monstera delicious and has had the collaboration of Viveros Ferpas. This garden will be able to generate the oxygen that 60 people need per year. In addition to this, it will capture 7.8 kg of dust, filter 40 tons of harmful gases and trap and process 16 kg of heavy metals.

Garden in Guardamar del Segura

Likewise, for the vertical garden created in Guardamar del Segura, for the facilities of the company Grupo Marjal, 16 square meters have been occupied with more than 500 plants from 9 different families, such as the Tulbaghia violaceous wave Acorus gramineus. It is estimated that this green wall will produce oxygen that requires 16 people a year. It will also annually capture 2 kg of dust, filter 10 tons of harmful gases and trap and process 4 kg of heavy metals per year.

Ignacio Solano continues with its environmental commitment of filling the green walled cities, that they become true lungs of the cities.

Currently, Ignacio Solano's patented system has more than 400,000 square meters around the world. Thanks to its Biosystem home automation system installed in them, Ignacio Solano and his team know in real time the state of the garden, being able to accurately control parameters such as PH, conductivity, humidity, temperature or frequency of irrigation from any mobile device.

Professional course of vertical gardens in Barcelona

On the other hand, responding to the growing demand for vertical gardening throughout the territory, and after the absolute success of the first edition of the course in Barcelona, Ignacio Solano continues with his Teaching work. This time imparting a second edition of the Professional Course of Design and Construction of Vertical Gardens, in Barcelona. This new call will be held from October 14 to 18, 2019, at the facilities of Networkia Business Center, collaborator on this occasion.

Throughout his career more than 10 years, Ignacio Solano has trained more than 1,400 students all over the world. A large number of them have opted for dedicate professionally to vertical gardening, demonstrating great talent in creating their own projects. José Manuel Blas, responsible for the vertical garden for Hotel Barcelona 1882, located in the heart of the Ciudad Condal, is one of the success stories and know how, as a former student of the Professional Course of Design and Construction of Vertical Gardens taught by Ignacio Solano.

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