Types of roller blinds with which to decorate your home

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Decor : Types of roller blinds with which to decorate your home

Know all the options roller blinds that are on the market will be very useful when incorporating them into your interior design. Thanks to specialized pages, it is very easy to find solutions for every challenge when decorating your home in one place. Next, we explain all the types that exist and how you can use them according to your style and needs. Do not miss it!

What roller blind are you looking for?

It depends on many things. Depending on what function you are going to give it, what aesthetic you are looking for and how much you are going to use it, your roller blind will have to meet some characteristics or others. As a general rule, due to their appearance and characteristics, we can divide them into four types:

Alicante roller blinds

It is a characteristic style of the Spanish Levant. They are made up of a series of slats, usually made of wood, joined together by steel staples. Typically used as outdoor roller blinds, since they are excellent to stop the clarity and let the air pass through, although you can also see them indoors used as a screen.

They are called Alicante because they were born in this area, when in rural areas they used vine shoots to protect themselves from flies and the sun. The first patent for this roller blind It dates back to 1916 and since then the designs have evolved. At present, you can find them made of different materials, such as wood or PVC, and also with slats of different colors and widths.

Bet on the plastic ones if you want some exterior roller blinds economical and with minimal maintenance. You only need to wipe them with a damp cloth from time to time to remove dirt and dust. If you want an interior design or prefer to bet on an elegant finish that will last a lifetime, wood is the answer. You will have to varnish or paint them from time to time to make them look like new, but you won’t have to replace them over time if you don’t want to.

External mat roller blinds

The mat for outdoor roller blinds It is a lightweight material, made up of very small slats or wooden rods. Consequently, they are somewhat weaker than the Alicante ones and will need more care if you want them to last for many years. Place them in sheltered and low-traffic areas or even install them on the fences of your attic to have greater privacy with the neighbors.

Thanks to that light texture are the exterior roller blinds most used as mosquito nets. If you like that rustic and somewhat oriental air, they will be very well installed in a pergola or gazebo. In addition to having shade and preventing the entry of mosquitoes, they will serve as a very elegant decoration element.

You will achieve a similar effect if you put some mat blinds on the exit doors to the terrace. You can leave them with the traditional mechanism and even place them on racks to transform them into panels.

Ceylan type wooden roller blinds

This style is halfway between the Alicante and the mat. Although the slats are thinner than those of the former, their rigidity and consistency is greater than that of the latter. For this reason, they are also perfect for indoors or outdoors. In addition, the thin slats have great decorative value.

As they are usually made of wood, you can place them in windows of rooms of all kinds. Formal rooms will benefit from the rustic contrast that this type of decoration provides as a decoration element. wooden roller blinds and, in the bohemian and casual spaces, they will promote an exotic atmosphere, oriental or seventies inspiration.

If you have a room with two environments, or a part of your house that needs some privacy or visual separation from the rest, a roller blind Ceylan will help you create this visual divide. You will not have to invest a lot of money or get involved in large works. Its simple mechanism and easy installation will allow you to create a physical barrier in minutes and for very little money.

Aluminum roller shutters

Unlike the wooden roller blinds, those that use aluminum as the main material are maintenance-free and have extraordinary durability. On a decorative level, its effect is completely different and, if the models we have seen so far add warmth and elegance, they will help you create a sophisticated and modern environment.

They are perfect to use in offices and offices, since you can regulate how much privacy you want. They are also ideal for placing on windows that have a radiator installed underneath. You will prevent them from becoming clogged and, since they are made of metal, sudden changes in temperature will not affect the properties of the slats. If you want to use them as outdoor roller blinds, You will not have any problem either, since the cold and rain will not spoil them.

As you can see, there is roller blinds for every home and style. To find the one that best suits you, you just have to take into account its characteristics and your needs.

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