Types of sun loungers to relax in the sun

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Decor : Types of sun loungers to relax in the sun


During the summer the high temperatures invite lie down pleasantly on the terrace or the garden to enjoy both the sun and the shade. And it is the sun loungers that provide maximum comfort for it. Choose the most appropriate and start your summer!

Are you going to use it to sunbathe after a bath in the pool? To relax while reading a good book in the shade of a tree? Will you use it exclusively in your garden or do you want to be able to take it, also to the beach? The answers to these and other questions will help you make the best decision.

The material

Where are you going to place the lounger? All materials are not suitable for use in wet areas such as the pool. You will need models for these spaces that resist water well, but also ultraviolet rays if they are going to remain exposed to the sun all summer. So it is important to think about where you are going to place it and what type of maintenance you are willing to undertake.

Garden loungers

Sun loungers made of wood, steel, aluminum and plastic

  • Timber It will help you create more cozy atmospheres, however, it is not always the best material to remain exposed to the sun 24 hours a day. Among the woods, Teka wood is the most resistant; it will be enough to apply Teka oil annually to protect it and not lose its shine.
  • Rattan It will also provide a natural aesthetic to your garden. Furniture in this material is very resistant and also brings a lot of elegance to outdoor spaces. You will be able to choose between natural or synthetic rattan furniture, being the last one more resistant and the favorite to make furniture with a minimalist and contemporary design.
  • Sun loungers with plastic frame They are water resistant and withstand temperature changes well. They are ideal to give a contemporary and colorful point to your garden, since you can find them with ergonomic shapes and bright colors.
  • Aluminum and steel They are robust, resistant and light materials. If they are also treated with antioxidant products to protect them from moisture, they can perfectly resist and withstand their use outdoors. Sun loungers made from these materials are often completed with seats and backrests made of textiline, a material that stands up well in the open air and over time.
Sun loungers made of natural and synthetic rattan

Sun loungers made of natural and synthetic rattan


Reclining or fixed backrest? It is recommended that the backrest be reclining so that you can adjust the position to different needs. The most comfortable posture for reading is not the same as for sunbathing. If you are looking for maximum comfort, you will look for a backrest that can be placed both horizontally and at an angle of 90ºC with respect to the fixed part.

Fixed stacking or folding? Do you have a covered space in which to protect the deckchair during winter? When the bad weather arrives you can store your folding deckchairs so that they do not spoil in a smaller space than that which would be occupied by fixed deckchairs, I even feel these stackable.

Sun loungers for the garden

There will be other elements that will also make this piece of furniture more practical like the wheels, essential if the sunbeds are heavy and you want to move them without the help of another person. You will also find designs with built-in umbrellas and awnings; very practical if you don’t have a shaded space.

When making your purchase, also remember that there are 3 essential requirements that you must demand of your deckchair. The first is comfort; try the lounger before taking her home. If you are not comfortable with it, it will not be fulfilling its function. The second has to do with its aesthetics; You should not only like it, but also adapt to your terrace or garden and their style. The third responds to its functionality; the deckchair must be able to support our weight and withstand those weather conditions to which it is subjected with the least possible maintenance.

Do you now have clearer what is your perfect lounger? What material would you choose it from?

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