Urban water parks: a fun and sustainable solution

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Decor : Urban water parks: a fun and sustainable solution

At one time, as it is the one we are currently experiencing, the need to enjoy public outdoor spaces that are for everyone has gained special importance.

And what does it mean that they have to be for everyone?

Every element of public use that is installed in cities must be accessible to all who want to use it regardless of the age, gender or physical, motor or sensory conditions of the people.

And more specifically if the people who are going to use the facility to a greater extent are children.

And why is playing in urban settings so important?

Play is one of the most important factors in the development process of children, since being able to play in a park becomes the ideal means to jump, run, laugh or, in the case of water parks, have fun with water and cool off.

To achieve a safe aquatic leisure space within cities, at VORTEX we make available to both architects and municipalities, all our solutions for surface water parks that are specially thought and designed to unite people and that Both young and old can play and have fun together.

VORTEX is a multinational company with origins in Canada and with a solid presence in Spain.

From its Spanish headquarters, an expert team of professional technicians helps the architects throughout the entire process of the project: from the start of the project with the design phase to implementation and commissioning.

It has more than 8,000 facilities around the world that provide safe fun for all ages and abilities, along with water management systems that guarantee sustainability.

In addition, due to its lack of depth, the risks feared by parents as drowning are eliminated.

Advantages that they have already been able to enjoy in Castellar del Vallés, in Catalonia, which, due to the need to transform an aging urban lake, resulted in an area made up of a Splashpad® that lights up with different colored lights at dusk that make it a surprising light show.

Or in Guipúzcoa, more specifically in Oñati, that we find a park that has been converted thanks to the installation of a Splashpad® differentiated into three areas and capable of creating different water leisure experiences.

But the Splashpad® is not the only solution we have at VORTEX. We also have other solutions such as the Water Journey, designed especially for the youngest children between the ages of 2 and 5 and inspired by nature.

Or Elevations & PlayNuk, two solutions with various heights adapted to all ages and taking fun to another level.

For all this, we are convinced that sustainable and accessible water leisure solutions promote a much more united community.

If you would like more information, contact our team of experts without any commitment, who can advise you to start your project.


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